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Estate Sales

Fine Furnishings & Eclectic Accessories

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Upcoming Sales


All sales are 9 AM to 5 PM each day, unless otherwise noted.


Sale This Week

  • Thursday, April 24
  • Friday, April 25
  • Saturday, April 26


May Sales

  • Thursday, May 8
  • Friday, May 9
  • Saturday, May 10


  • Thursday, May 22
  • Friday, May 23
  • Saturday, May 24


June Sales

Anniversary Sale

  • Thursday, June 5
  • Friday, June 6
  • Saturday, June 7


  • Thursday, June 19
  • Friday, June 20
  • Saturday, June 21


Estate Sales Services Location

The Estate Sales Showroom and Annex are located at 105 Fairview Road in Asheville, just down the hill from ScreenDoor and next door to the Hospice Thrift Store.

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Estate Sales Contacts

  • For questions about the Estate Sales process or to schedule a consultation, call Krista Mosby at (828) 575-2509 or email Krista.
  • To reach the Estate Sales Showroom call (828) 277-6840.
  • To receive email updates and sale reminders, click here.
  • For Furniture Restoration Services, call Tim Knott at (828) 388-1807.

Volunteer Opportunities

We invite you to become part of the CarePartners family as a volunteer with Estate Sales Services. Volunteers help us pack up, inventory and stage merchandise as well as provide customer service during sales. For more information about volunteering, visit our volunteer page.



Why consider an Estate Sale?

Estate Sales are the best way to go when you are faced with liquidating an estate due to the recent passing of a family member, downsizing or relocation. A well orchestrated estate sale will make you money…and you do not have to do any of the work!


The Estate Sales Process

  • Our Estate Sales Manager, Brent Wyatt, will come to your home to meet with the family and view the size and scope of the estate. There is no fee for this consultation, and no deposit required. All fees and commissions come out of the gross sales total at the end of the estate sale.
  • We will take photos of the higher end merchandise so that we can market your estate sale for maximum impact. We have many different forms of media to announce your estate sale. We will be glad to go over all media we use at the time of the consultation.
  • During the consultation and agreement signing process, we will set a date so that our crew can come in and set up for your in-home sale estate sale or remove items to be sold at our showroom. When setting a date for the estate sale weekend, we would like at least two week window so that our marketing of your sale will have full impact.
  • During the set-up process for an in-home sale our associates will bring in tables to properly display items for maximum exposure.
  • As we are separating and pricing items we will clean to a point. Our main goal is to maximize your success from the sale. We do have cleaning crew contacts that we can give you at the time of the consultation to utilize before or after the sale.
  • On the day of the sale we will put out our estate sale signs so that the customers can find your sale. We will also bring the appropriate amount of staff for the event.
  • As sales are made, we document everything going out the door that is sold.
  • At the end we will review with you any items remaining and offer to send as a tax-deductible donation to the Hospice Thrift Store.
  • After your sale we will mail you a detailed report of your sale along with a check minus our fees and commissions. Fees and commissions are considered payment for service and are not tax-deductible as donations to CarePartners Foundation.

Contact us for your free in-home consultation:

Call Krista Mosby at (828) 575-2509 or email Krista.


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