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Annual Report: Donor List

We have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of this list, and ask that you please email us at or call (828) 277-4850 if you find an error or omission. The list is arranged alphabetically by last name or organization name.

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21st Century Oncology

AAA Lawn Care
Abbey Volunteer Hollywood Fire
Ms. Jean Abernethy
Mr. Jack Abraham
Ms. Debra Acrivos
Ms. Brenda W. Adams
Ms. Janet Adams
Mr. Joe C. Adams
Ms. Judy C. Adams
Ms. Katherine S. Adams
Mrs. Leanne Adams
Ms. Mary J. Adams
Ms. Patricia W. Adams
Bob & Peg Adams
Ms. Sue B. Adams
Susan V. Adams
Walter & Mariza Adamson
Ms. Elizabeth A. Adkins
Tom & Lisa Adkins
Advanced Dermatology & Skin Surgery, P.A.
Mr. Anthony A. Agan
Agape Sunday School Class Providence Baptist Church
Ms. Pamela L. Agner
Ms. Kristy Aiken
Mr. John L. Aikens, Jr.
David & Debbie Aiton
James & Gail Albee
Katharine & Blan Aldridge
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Aldridge
Ms. Jacqueline L. Alexander
Joseph & Gale Alexander
Ms. Linda K. Alexander
Marshall & Trudy Alexander
Mr. C. Walter Allen
Mr. & Mrs. David Allen
Ms. Donna Allen
Mr. Jay L. Allen
Mr. Kenneth Allen
Ms. Sheila R. Allen
Ms. Syble J. Allen
Mr. William Allen
Ms. Carole R. Allison
Ms. Jane S. Allison
Mrs. Lois C. Allman
Margaret B. Allman
Mrs. Marjorie C. Allman
Ms. Karen M. Allred
Allstate Giving Campaign
Ms. Hazel C. Almon
Alpha Alpha Chapter
Alpine Electronics Of America, Inc.
Ms. Shanti Ramya Alwis
Ms. Anne Ammons
Ms. Gwendolyn P. Ammons
Mrs. Mae M. Ammons
Anda, Inc.
Mr. James Anders
Ms. Julian D. Anders
Ms. Celia A. Anderson
Dan & Jennifer Anderson
Ms. Glenda Anderson
Mr. Johnnie Anderson
Ms. Linda G. Anderson
Mrs. Martha S. Anderson
Ms. Mary Jo Anderson
Ms. Rebecca C. Anderson
Mrs. Ruth B. Anderson
Ms. Sally T. Anderson
Dewey & Susan Andrew
Ms. Elsie House Andrew
Don & Barbara Andrews
Don & Barbara Andrews
Ms. Meredith N. Andrews
Ms. Judy M. Angel
Ms. Victoria E. Angelotti
Anjon, LLC
Mr. Peter Ansley
Ms. Shiner Diane Antiorio
Apollo Flame Bistro and Pizza
Panagiotis & Paula Apostolopoulos
Appalachian Foot And Ankle Associates
Appalachian Performance Automotive
Tommy & Catherine Arakas
Arden First Baptist Church
Arden Presbyterian Church
Ms. Helen R. Arendale
Mr. & Mrs. Brian K. Arldt
Barbara Armstrong and Nancy Walters
Mrs. Betty H. Arnold
Ms. Evelyn Joy Arnold
Mrs. Charlotte C. Arrendell
Arrington Branch Baptist Church
Dennis & Jacqueline Arsenault
Mr. Joseph G. Arsenault
Mr. Paul Arsenault
Mrs. Pauline L. Arsenault
Mr. & Mrs. Cecil E. Arthur
Mr. John Arthur
Ms. Joyce Arthur
arvato digital services
Sarah Warren & Brian Asbill
John B. Ashe
Asheville Area Professional Pet Sitters Association
Asheville Buncombe Youth Soccer Association
Asheville Citizen-Times
Asheville Elevator Company, Inc.
Asheville Ford
Asheville Lodge #608 B.P.O Elks
Asheville Paralegal Association, Inc.
Asheville Radiology Associates, P.A.
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
Associated Packaging Technologies
Aston Park Health Care Center, Inc.
AT&T Southeast Installation And Maintenance Leadership Team
AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign
Ms. Mary S. Atkinson
Atlanta Bread Company
Ms. Kay S. Aubry
Lieutenant Colonel Robert E. Augur
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Aull
Miss Betty C. Austin
Joe & Linda Austin
Ms. Karen Grove Austin
Mrs. Eileen Avery
Ms. Kathey A. Avery
Fred & Marcia Ayers


Steve & Sandy Babb
Lee & Joyce Babcock
Mr. & Mrs. Ray J. Bachmann
Mrs. George T. Backer
Ms. Jacqueline Bacoate
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Baer
Ms. Sara S. Bagwell
Ms. Sharon Diane Bagwell
Ms. Stephanie Bagwell
Mr. Harold Bailey
Ms. Sandra L. Bailey
Ms. Margaret D. Baker
Ms. Margie Plemmons Baker
Ms. Myrna J. Baker
Ms. Sharon Baker
Dr. Lynne E. Baker-Ward
Balcrank Products, Inc.
Ryan & Brooke Baldwin
Martha & Mike Baldwin
Linda Baldwin and Jim Posner
Ms. Nettie M. Baldwin
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Baldwin
Ms. Ruth Baldwin
Kay and Steve Baldwin
Ms. Angela D. Ball
Beth & Mark Ball
Mrs. Exum Ball
Haldane & David Ball
Ms. Jarvis A. Ball
Leroy & Mary Ball
Ms. Marsha R. Ball
Ms. Nancy S. Ball
Ms. Nicole M. Ball
Ms. Sharon Ball
Mrs. Shirley R. Ball
Ms. Susann Ball
Ms. Autumn M. Ballard
Mr. Arthur Ballew
Ms. Janice Ballew
Bank of America Foundation
Bank of America United Way Campaign
Bank of America
Ms. Carolyn Banks
Ms. Gladys R. Banks
Ms. J. C. Banks
Mrs. Joan R. Banks
Ms. Sandra Banks
Ms. Theresa Banks
Ms. Vikki M. Banks
William W. & Lois Banks
Ms. Karen L. Banning
Mrs. Florence Bannon
Tom & Elizabeth Barbee
Ms. Anne Barber
Ms. Jean J. Barber
Ms. Sandra L. Barkei
Mr. William Y. Barkley
Ms. Ann L. Barlet
Mr. Clarence Barnard
Elaine & David Barnes
Reed & Dorothy Barnett
Barnette and Coates, Inc.
Tom & Libby Barnette
Mr. Andrew D. Barnwell
Ms. Julie Barnwell
Ms. Martia L. Barnwell
Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Barnwell
Ms. Cathy Barrentine
Mrs. Fran Barrett
Mrs. Susan Barrette
Lamar & Christine Barrier
Mrs. Carrie F. Barton
Ms. Traci Basaman
Ms. Judy Tanner Basiewicz
Ms. Sylvia Bassett
Mr. Christopher I. Batson
Mr. W. E. Batson
Mrs. Ruth M. Bauerlein
Baumann Family
Ms. Beth Baumann
Ms. Jocelyn Baumgarten
Mrs. Mary E. Baun
Ms. Marcia Beale
Ms. Lois Bean
James D. Bearden III, M.D.
Ms. Amy A. Beasley
Ms. Maria-Teresa Beathard
Mr. Thomas H. Beathard
Debbie Beaty & Sarah Beaty
Ms. Virginia Beaty and Ms. Elizabeth Morse
Ms. Christina N. Beaudoin
Ms. Elsie L. Beaver
Ms. Katherine R. Beaver
Ms. Barbara W. Beck
Ms. Judith A. Beck
Mrs. Lily G. Beck
Mr. & Mrs. M. Wendell Begley
Ms. Ruby B. Begley
Mr. Irwin Belk
Robbie, Charlotte, Josh & Drew Belk
Mr. Gene O. Bell
Ms. Jean G. Bell
Joseph & Wendy Bell
Ms. Patty Bell
Ms. Willda Bell
Ms. Lauria V. Bell-Hughes
Mr. Michael C. Bellows
Mr. James Belote and Ms. Linda Kincaid
Mr. John S. Belza
David & Phyllis Benbow
Mrs. Nancy B. Benedict
Ms. Gail Benfield
Ms. Connie Bennett
Ms. Jo A. Bennett
Mrs. Lucy W. Bennett
Berea Baptist Church
Judith Anne Berger and Frank E. Sagendorph IV
Ms. Suzanne C. Berl
Ms. Barbara A. Bernard
Ms. Annie Laurie Berry
Trey & Linda Berry and Family
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Berry, Jr.
Best Buy Co., Inc.
Ms. Ellen M. Best
Ms. Linda Best
Bethesda North Therapy Department
Zane & Donna Betts
Ms. Virginia I. Beu
Beulah Baptist Church
Beverly Hills Baptist Church
Mrs. Joanna F. Beverly
Mr. Charles M. Biddix
Mrs. Mary M. Biddix
Ms. Lynnora Bierce & Mr. Steve Livingston
Ms. Dolores Biggins
Nell & Ed Bilbrey
Biltmore Baptist Church Homemakers Connect Group
Biltmore Chapter #38 Order of the Eastern Star
Biltmore Oil Company, Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Davis B. Bingham
Ms. Margrit I. Binkley
Mr. William F. Bird
Charles & Joan Birmingham
Ms. Ada Lea Birnie
Ed & Vickie Bishop
Mr. Stephen D. Bitter
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel K. Black
Blackbird Frame & Art
Ms. Chyrlle A. Blackbird
Brady & Bobbie Blackburn
Katherine & Regi Blackburn
Mrs. Anna P. Blackwell
Houston C. Blackwell
Mrs. Carol M. Blackwood
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blank
Ms. Betty L. Blankenship
Rhonda & Carroll Blankenship
Ms. Theresa Blankenship
Ms. E. Joyce Blevins
Ms. Anne K. Blocker
Blue Ridge Bone & Joint
Blue Ridge Mustang Club of Asheville
Blue Ridge Pharmacy
Blue Ridge Rollergirls
Mrs. Phyllis Blum
BMW of Asheville
Board And Staff Of Florida Credit Union Shared Services
Boardman Center Middle School Retirees
Mr. Brian F. Boatright
Ms. Grace Bodaky
Ms. Judy A. Boles
Ms. Danielle Bolick
Mrs. Diann H. Bolick & Mr. Alan E. Bolick
Mrs. Gloria Bolser
Tommy & Kayc Bond
Ms. Janet P. Bondurant
Wyndy & Paul Bonesteel
& Mrs. Johnnie Franklin Bonham
BonWorth, Inc.
Books Are Fun
Mrs. Susan Boom
Ms. Dawn Boone
Enelo & Carol Boone
Ms. Laura Ellen Boone
Ms. Linda Talley Boone
Mr. Ronnie Boone
Ms. Jennifer Borden
Mrs. Mary Lucille Borgman
BorgWarner Turbo & Emissions Systems
Mr. Jeff Boring
Judy & Jim Borum
Mrs. Geraldine Boston
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Botner
Ms. Laurie Bouchard
James & Lucille Bouvet
Bowers, Ellis & Watson, Architects, P.A.
Tom & Anne Bowers
Ms. Cynthia Bowers
Mr. Gary R. Bowers
Ms. Margaret Bowers & Mr. Bill Bowers
Ms. Marie Bowers
Timothy K. Bowers, M.D.
Mrs. Dale Bowman
Ms. Cynthia G. Bowman
Mr. Eugene P. Bowman
Boy Scouts Of America Troop 230
Mr. Charles E. Boyce
Janice M. Boyce
Ms. Evadora C. Boyd
Jessie L. Boyd
Joel & William Boyd
Mr. Stanley C. Boyd
Ms. Christina M. Boyer
Boys, Arnold & Company, Inc.
Mrs. Betsy Boys
Ms. Susan P. Bradburn
Ms. Margaret Bradford
Ms. DeeDee Bradley
Mr. & Mrs. Eckel C. Bradley, Sr.
Ray & Carolyn Bradley
David & Leslie Bradshaw
Ms. Barbara A. Brady
Mr. James Brady
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Brady
Ms. Novilla S. Brady
Mrs. Catherine Braisted
Ms. Arlene S. Brandon
Ms. Jeanne S. Brandon
Ms. Elizabeth B. Brank
Mr. Paul P. Brank
Ms. Annette G. Branks
Ms. Kathy H. Branks
Ms. Cynthia L. Branson
Ms. Cynthia Brantley
Delight W. Branton
Mrs. Lynne D. Breed
Ms. Carolyn E. Breedlove
Mr. Ed Breedlove
Ms. Jacqueline Brendle
Ms. Bridget M. Brennan
Mr. William J. Bretz
Dorsey & Lee Brewer
Ms. Mary B. Brewer
Ms. Harriet Tauber Brewster
Ms. Carole S. Brezeale
Mr. Jonathan Bricker
Mr. Scott A. Bridges
Ms. Lisa S. Briggs
Ms. Penny Briggs
Ms. Phyllis F. Briggs
Mr. Sammy Briggs
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Briggs
Mr. David Brigman
Mrs. Rosa Lee Brigman
Ms. Diane Brigmon
Kenneth & Sue Brinkley
Ms. Roxie Brinkley
Ms. Tracy Britt
Mrs. Mary S. Broadway
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Broadwell
Ms. Dee E. Brockway
Ms. Robin M. Brockway
Ms. Anita N. Broderick
Mr. Ronald K. Bromley
Brooklyn Friends School
Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Brooks
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Brooks
Ms. Sheila S. Brookshire
Ms. Mary P. Broome
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Brower, Jr.
Mrs. Barbara M. Brown
Mr. Barnard Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Brown
Ms. Bonnie Brown
Dennis & Linda Brown
Mr. Christopher J. Brown
Ms. Donna F. Brown
Eleanore M. Brown
Ms. Geraldine Brown
Ms. Hazel G. Brown
Ms. Helen C. Brown
Jeff & Brenda Brown
Ms. JoAnna Brown
Mr. John T. Brown
Ms. Lois A. Brown
Ms. Lucile C. Brown
Mrs. Maxine H. Brown
Mrs. Jeanette Brown
Ms. Patricia J. Brown
Mrs. Shelley M. Brown and Rev. David C. Brown
Walter J. Brown III, M.D.
& Mrs. Winfred Cole Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Fleming Browne, Jr.
Ms. Mollie Browne
Ms. Jennifer Browning
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Brubaker
Mr. Donald Brulport
Mr. Wesley W. Brumback
Mr. Joe C. Brumit II & Mrs. Janice W. Brumit
Mr. & Mrs. J. Stockton Bryan
Ms. Audrey Bryant
Ms. Christi Bryant
Ms. Jackie W. Bryson
Edward & Paula Buchanan
Scott & Tracy Buchanan
Ms. Seline E. Buchanan
Ms. Jo Buck
Lowell & Carol Buckner
Mr. Harlon H. Buckner
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Buckner
Mr. James E. Buckner
Ms. Janice M. Buckner
Ms. Jessie R. Buckner
Ms. Lucille B. Buckner
Ms. Merle R. Buckner
Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Buckner
Ms. Nancye W. Buelow
Ms. Bertha M. Buff
Mr. Carl Bufflap
Mrs. Janice L. Buffler
Ms. Mabel B. Bullard
Dick & Jayne Bullis
Ms. Jamie A. Bullman
Ms. Ruby L. Bullman
Carroll & Helen Burch
Ms. Patricia H. Burcham
Debby & John Burchfield
Ms. Martha G. Burchfield
Mr. Robert Burdine
Bureau Of Consumer Assistance
Ms. Judith Burgess
Ms. Mary C. Burgess
Ms. Natalie Burgess
Ms. JoAnn P. Burke
Ms. Mazie S. Burkett
Ms. Terri Burkett
Tom & Julie Burkhart
Ron & Maggie Burleson
Ms. Mary A. Burnett
Charles & Betty Burnette
Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Burnette
Mr. Michael B. Burnette
Allen & Meredith Burpeau
Ms. Georgia C. Burrell
Ms. Brenda R. Burrows
Dr. & Mrs. Harry G. Burton
Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Bury
Ms. Phyllis H. Busby
Frederick N. Bussey, M.D.
Ms. Betty Jordan Butler
Ms. Catherine A. Butler
Ms. Ruth L. Butler
Tom & Cathy Byers
Mr. & Mrs. J. William Bynum
Ms. Barbara M. Byrd
Ms. Betty R. Byrd
Ms. Carol A. Byrd
Ms. Hope S. Byrd
Ms. Joyce G. Byrd
Mrs. Peggy H. Byrd

Mr. & Mrs. Ned Cabaniss IV
Cabarrus County Extenstion & Community Association
Mr. John R. Cabe
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde J. Cable
Ms. Helen J. Cable
Ms. Wendy L. Cady
Mrs. Winikay L. Caffrey
Cakes by Jane
Ms. Traci Calabrese-Meyer
Mr. Brad A. Caldwell
Ms. Iva Jarrett Caldwell
John & Jane Caldwell
Ms. Patricia H. Caldwell
Paul & Shelby Caldwell
Ms. Silky Caldwell
Ms. Katherine Caldwell-Bauer
Mrs. Patricia Call
Barbara & Douglas Callicutt
Calvary Baptist Church Beatitudes Class
Ms. Maxie Camp
Campbell Gear Tech
Darrel & Anne Gail Campbell
Ms. Carol Campbell
Ms. Cindi S. Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest D. Campbell
Ms. Jennifer Campbell
Ms. Laurie Campbell
Mrs. Susan C. Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne E. Campbell
Cancer Care of WNC, PA
Candler Elementary School
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Candler
Mr. & Mrs. Loyd Candler
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Candler
Cane Creek Middle School
Ms. Mary R. Canipe
Ms. Diane L. Cannoles
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Cannon, D.D.S.
The Honorable Lanier M. Cansler & Mrs. Barbara Cansler
Ms. Brenda B. Cantrell
Mrs. JoAnn T. Cantrell
Ms. Belinda J. Cantwell
Dr. & Mrs. David L. Cappiello
Mrs. Sarah S. Capps
Carbarrus Cooperative Extension Staff
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cardillo
Care Solutions
CarePartners Business Development
CarePartners Human Resources Department
Mrs. Nell M. Carland
Maggi & David Carle
Ms. Barbara J. Carlisle
Susan F. Carlson, PT
Mike & Elaine Carnes
Carolina Day School
Carolina Spine & Neurosurgery Center Physical Therapy Dept.
Dr. M. W. Carpenter
Jeff, Mary, Kamisha and William Carpenter
Ms. Sandra L. Carpenter
Mr. Joseph L. Carrington
Mr. William J. Carrington III
Ms. Aiden Flynn Carson
Ms. Lorraine C. Carson
Mr. John M. Carter, Jr.
Mrs. Mae P. Carter
Bill & Margaret Carter
Melvin & Betty Carter
Ms. Molly M. Carter
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Carter
Ms. Carol T. Carver
Ms. Chris H. Carver
Mr. David Carver
Ms. Judy L. Carver
Mr. Matt Casale
Ms. Sandy Case
Lee & Gene Casey
Mrs. Mary Sue Catoe
Ms. Lora H. Cauble
Harold Cave
Mrs. Nancy Owen Cecil
Cedar Mountain Missionary Baptist Church
Mr. & Mrs. J. Cenicola
Mr. Armand A. Chamberlain
Jacqui & Larry Chance
Ms. Ida Chandler
Ms. Linda Chandler
Mr. Philip Brian Chandler
Ms. Rebecca A. Chandler
Ms. Michele M. Chapin
Anita Stenz Chapman, Ph.D.
Mr. James E. Chapman
Mike & Nancy Chapman
Mr. William Chapman, Jr.
Ms. Karen E. Chappell
Mrs. Trevor S. Chavis
Ms. Betty J. Cheek
Ms. Sarah T. Cheney
Ms. Lucy P. Chesanek
Ms. Linda Cheshire
Miss Vanessa Chestang
Ms. Christiane Chiappinelli
Mr. & Mrs. John Chiles
Ms. Tina Chitticks
Tom & Margaret Chmielewski
Jong J. Choi, M.D.
Mr. Lee Chota
Church of Christ
CiCi Nails
Chris Cicotello
Ms. Ann I. Cimino
Jane Cirulis-McSwain and Lon McSwain
Ms. Erna H. Clark
Ms. Franceen Clark
Mr. James B. Clark
Mrs. Shirley Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Clark
Chris & Tina Clarke
Mr. Curtis Clarke
Ms. Dawn B. Clarke
Lewis & Patti Clay
Mrs. Linda Clay
Ms. Jean M. Clayton
Ms. Ruby W. Clayton
Ms. Kim Clements
Ms. Linda Clements
Ms. Mae H. Clements
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Clementson
Mr. Robert Clemenzi
Clevenger & Son, LLC
Ms. Anne R. Clifton
Mrs. Mary E. Cline
Mr. Robert R. Cline
Ms. Annie Clingenpeel
Mrs. Marie Clontz
Mrs. Madelyn E. Clow
Mr. & Mrs. Billy O. Cochran
Ms. Kaye Codrington
Ms. Lisa Coffman
Gay Valier & M. David Cogburn
Ms. Phyliss Cogburn
Ms. Lorene Cogdill
Greg & Tricia Coggins
Mr. D. Jacob Cohen
Mrs. Jan K. Coin
Ms. Linda J. Coin
Ms. Kathy J. Coldren
Ms. Bobbi J. Cole
Ms. Gayle Cole
Jessie & Dale Cole
Joan Ross Cole
Ms. Leoda A. Cole
Joe & Margaret Cole
Mr. John M. Coleman
Ms. Jean M. Coletti
Ms. Elizabeth Collier
Ms. Katherine B. Collins
Ms. Susan S. Collins
Ms. Sylvia S. Collins
Mr. Patrick Colunga
Ms. Mary Lou Commerford
Comprehensive Chiropractic
Comprehensive Rehab Care Physicians
Ms. Joan W. Concilla
Ms. Kathleen Condon-Montgomery
Kellie S. Condra, M.D.
Ms. April E. Conner
Mrs. Kelli Conner
Ms. Ruth F. Conner
Ms. Thelma S. Conner
Ms. Vickie Conner
Ms. Theresa L. Conner-Howard
Phylliss G. Constantine
Ms. Susan B. Contreras
Mr. & Mrs. A. Q. Cook
Ms. Frances M. Cook
Ms. Gloria M. Cook
Ms. Martha Cook
Ms. Phyllis Cook
Ms. Tammy T. Cook
Ms. Cindy Coomer
Ms. Lillian R. Coomer
Ms. Jill C. Cooper
Karen & Pat Cooper
Ms. Mary Ann Cooper
Ms. Carolyn Copeland
Mr. & Mrs. Jordan V. Corbin, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Corbin
Ms. Jean L. Corbus
Ms. Sherry Cordell
Mr. & Mrs. David Cort
Ms. Catherine L. Cosgrove
Mr. & Mrs. George C. Cothran
Mr. Steven Covert
Ms. Marcia H. Covington
Mr. James B. Cowan
Ross & Erin Cowan
Ms. Donna M. Cox
Ms. Ellen G. Cox
Hoyt & Peggy Cox
Mr. Philip P. Cox
Ms. Nancy J. Coxie
Mr. Charles Cozewith
Dr. Larry Craft
Mrs. Marla K. Craig & Mr. Larry N. Craig
Reverend Kitty Crain
Ms. Renee Crain
Ms. Sheila H. Crandell
Mrs. Brenda L. Crawford
Ms. Jean M. Crawford
Ms. Loretta Crawford
Mr. Mark Farel Crawford
Ms. Debra Y. Crawley
Ms. Victoria S. Crawley
Ms. Courtney Creasman
Ms. Ramona M. Creasman
Thomas & Louise Creasman
Creekside Homeowners Association of Asheville, Inc.
Mr. James W. Creel
Mr. & Mrs. F. M. Cregger
Ms. Yvonne P. Cregger
Adriane & Boxley Crenshaw
Crestview Baptist Church Senior Adult Men's SSC
Dr. & Mrs. H. Denniston Crews
Mrs. Joyce Crisco
Mrs. Patricia R. Crisco
Ron, Jimmie & Christopher Crockett
Ms. Gail Cross
Mr. Oliver R. Cross
Ms. Nancy B. Crouch
Phillip & Sandra Crouch
Ms. Brenda H. Crowder
Ms. Brenda S. Crowder
Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Crowder
Mrs. Jack R. Crowder
Ms. Judith A. Crowder
Mr. Clement H. Crowe
Ms. Edna F. Crowe
Edward & Ruth Crowley
Barbara & Bill Crownover
Ms. Margaret P. Crum
Ms. Barbara Crume
The Reverend & Mrs. David Crymble, Jr.
Cubby Lawn Care
Ms. Doris P. Cummings
Charlie & Jeanne Cummings
Ms. Mary V. Cummins
Ms. Lisa Cutshall

Ms. Janet Dack
Ms. Beverly Jo Daggett
Ms. Kathy Daley
Penny & David Dalton
Mr. William E. Dalton
Mrs. Selwyn D'Amico
Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Daniel, Jr.
Ms. Betty Jo Darr
Ms. Anita Darrow
Kathryn P. Daughton
Ms. Marcia M. Daughtry
Dave Steel Company, Inc.
Mr. Hyman Dave
Ms. Georgia Davenport
Mr. Don C. Davidson
Mr. Philip L. Davidson
Ms. Zanie O. Davidson
Davis Chapel United Methodist Church
Mrs. Bettye C. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby R. Davis, Jr.
Mr. Buddy Everette Davis
Mr. C. Richard Davis
Ms. Carolyn Davis
Chuck & Suzanne Davis
Ms. Faye Davis
Dave & Susan Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Hal Davis
Jack & Anna Dee Davis
Ms. Karen P. Davis
Ms. Larae A. Davis
Ms. Loretta Y. Davis
Ms. M. Elizabeth Davis
Mrs. Mary R. Davis
Mr. Michael Davis
Ms. Peggy S. Davis
Mr. Richard M. Davis
Mr. Robert A. Davis
Samuel & Ethel Davis Davis
Ms. Kimberly H. Dawson
Mr. Eli Day
Jeremy & Sue Dayner
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Dayton
Rick & Lou Ann Dayton
Mary & Ray Dean
Mr. Bill DeBord
Mr. Bruce D. DeBruhl
Mr. Otto W. DeBruhl
Ms. Tammy L. Debruhl
Mrs. Margaret Decker
Paul & Debbie Decoteau
Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community
Ms. Kelly E. Deese
Mr. Buddy DeLizza
Mike & Jenny Dellis
Mr. Francis E. DeLong
Ms. Janet deLorge
Ms. Virginia L. DeLuca
Ms. Pamela Patton Demos
Mr. A. Gerald Dempsey, Jr.
Ms. Nancy DeNoia
Ross & Bea Denslow
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Dent, Jr.
Robert Van & Tali Denton
Denver United Methodist Church New Horizons SSC
Denver United Methodist Church
Mrs. Marion Louise Depp
Ms. Gigi Derballa
Roger Derrough
Design Avenue Home Furnishings LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Deutsch
Mr. Glenn D. Devlin
Ms. Cathy Deweese
Mr. Jeffrey Deweese
Ms. Karen Deyton
Alfred L. Diamond
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy W. Dick
Ms. Lynne C. Diehl
Mr. Dave Dierks
Edgardo Diez, M.D.
Ms. Hilda C. Digges
Mrs. Margaret S. Dillard
Mr. Michael Dillard
Mrs. Anna R. Dillingham
Mr. & Mrs. Hoyte N. Dillingham
Ms. Pat Dills
Ms. Lauren B. DiMaio
Ms. Roberta J. Dismore
Mrs. Edna Mae Dix
Ms. Jean C. Dixon
Mrs. Nancy M. Dixon
Ms. Ann Kerr Dobbins
Ms. Shirley J. Dobbs
Mr. Mark Dockery
Doctors Chambers, Baechtold, McKenzie & Haldeman, DDS, PA
Mrs. Louise R. Dodge
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Dodge III
Ms. Lori Doerr
Arlene & Jack Doloboff
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Dome
Mr. Gilbert Domingo
Mrs. Maideth B. Donaldson
Mr. & Mrs. James Dondorf
Ms. Annie P. Donovan
Mr. Frank Dorato
Mrs. Patricia Dore
Earl & Gayle Dorsey, Jr.
Dr. Donald E. Dossey & Mrs. Lois E. Dossey
Ms. Betty Dotson
Tony & Miriam Dotson
Ms. Anita F. Doucette
Ms. Earleen B. Douglas
Ms. Linda Douma
Mr. William L. Douma & Mrs. Irene Douma
Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Dover
Ms. Margaret Downs-West
Ms. Kathy Drake
Ms. Christie H. Dresback
William & Gloria Drown
Captain Leonard J. Drude, USN-Ret & Mrs. Mary Sue Drude
Ms. Dorothy H. Drum
Ms. Marie Drum
Ms. Lois E. Dubrow
Ms. Bernadette Ducar
Ms. Patricia Duckett
Sharon & Darrell Duckett
Mr. William Duckett
Mr. William T. Duckworth, Jr.
Ms. Kathleen Duffy-Hunt
Mr. & Mrs. Spencer G. Duin
Duke University
Mr. Ed Duncan
Burnie & Elaine Duncan
Mr. Jared T. Duncan
Ms. Lisa Duncan
Mrs. Pat Duncan
Ms. Vicki Dunkerley
Ms. Denise L. Dunlap
Ms. Linda L. Dunlop
Mrs. Michelle C. Dunn
Phyllis K. Durand
Dr. & Mrs. Cecil T. Durham, Jr.
Mr. Mark N. Durham
Ms. Marceleen H. Duty
Mrs. Sally Duyck
Ms. Eulene Dyer
Ms. Sally B. Dyer
Ms. Sharon F. Dyer
Ms. Laura J. Dylus

Mr. Brett Eaker
Mr. & Mrs. Norman & Erna Earle
Ms. Donna Earley
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Earley, Jr.
Earline Jordan Sunday School Class
East Black Mountain Freewill Baptist Church
Ms. Shirley Easter
Eastmoor Homeowners Association
Mr. Dean Eayre
Eblen Short Stop Stores
Jennie Eblen & Rick Perkins
Ms. Carol Eder-Smith
Cecil & Dianne Edmonds
Alan & Donna Edmonds
Mr. Edward Edmonds
Gail & Tony Edmonds
Jamie Edmonds
Mrs. Norma J. Edney
Ms. Betty K. Edwards
Mr. C. Garrett Edwards
Ms. Dawn Edwards
Mr. Dennis Edwards
Mrs. Hazel Edwards
Mrs. Joy Edwards
Ms. Lisa S. Edwards
Mrs. Margaret C. Edwards
Ms. Pamela R. Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Edwards
Mrs. Rose E. Edwards
Mrs. Jo Ann L. Edwinn
Ms. Aileen M. Egan
Mr. David G. Ehlert
Ms. Patricia C. Eichinger
Mrs. Rita Eichler
Electric City Shag Club
Ms. Toni L. Eling
Mr. Ray Elingburg
Richard & Iva Lee Elingburg
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Elledge
Mr. Gillian D. Ellern
Ms. Jessica W. Ellis
Ms. Vicky L. Ellis
Dr. E. Bruce Elliston
Roger D. Elliston, D.M.D.
Dr. W. Leon Elliston & Dr. Katherine Volatile
Mrs. Ann L. Elmore
Ms. Gail F. Embler
Mike & Kathy Emery
Emily M. Verkouteren Revocable Trust
Ms. Theresa Emmanuel
Ms. Kim Emory
Enchanting Hair Fashions
Mr. Jonathan England
Mr. Tom England
Ms. Emma Sue English
Ms. Lora English
Enka Baptist Church
Enka High School Class of 1959
Mr. George N. Ennett
Richard & Monika Enter
James & Laurie Erdman
Ms. Pamela G. Ertzberger
Ernestine & Thomas Erwin
Mr. & Mrs. Oliver A. Erwin
Ms. Jana Eshaghian
Ms. Bonnie S. Eskridge
Ms. Elizabeth Estabrook
Estate of Dorris Grier
Estate of Erma Norton Proffitt
Estate of Evelyn Hall Clarke
Estate of Howard John Ashley
Estate of John C. Youngblood, Sr.
Estate of Julius Levitch
Estate of Kate Westhoff
Estate of Katharine B. Hunter
Estate of Marian Jay Elmslie
Estate of Ruth Hall Peckham
Steve & Sharon Estep
Dewey & Lynn Etherton
Ms. Joeiana Eubanks
Ms. Mary E. Euler
Ms. Ruby C. Eure
Ms. Amy Evans
Ms. Diane Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Todd & Peggy Evans
Mr. Durward Everett
Evergreen Packaging
Jerry and Sandra Ezzelle

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fabiny
Ms. Sarai J. Fagan
Fairview Home Mortgage
Faith Fellowship
John & Angie Fardal
Mr. Micheal D. Farlow
Ken & Beth Farmer
Ms. Gail A. Farrell
Faw Insurance Agency, Inc.
Federal Deposit Insurance Company
Ralph & Vida Feemster
Ms. Polly Feitzinger
Laurie & Richard Feldman
Fellowship Fund
Mr. Jon R. Felsinger
Ms. April Fender
Mr. Eddie D. Fender
Ms. Janice Fender
Mr. Phillip L. Fender
Ms. Jeanne K. Ferg
Mrs. Carolyn Ferguson
Mr. Daniel Ferguson
Ms. Deborah W. Ferguson
Ms. Dorothy P. Ferguson
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest E. Ferguson
Linda & Joe Ferguson
Ms. Tiffany Fernandes
Ms. Carla Ferrigno
Tom & Trish Fesperman
Festiva Hospitality Group
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. Warren Fieffer
Ms. Blair Fielding
Mrs. Ellen G. Fields
Ms. Kathi Fields
Ms. Myra P. Fields
Mr. Terry Fayne Fields
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Filzek
Robert & Mary Finegan
Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Fink
First Baptist Church of Clyde, Inc.
First Baptist Church of Indian Trail
First Baptist Church
Ms. Alma Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Fisher
Mr. Jerry L. Fisher
Ms. Jill Jennings Fisher
Ms. Pamela Fisher
Vaughn, Paula & Cole Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. W. Howard Fisher, Jr.
Mrs. Evelyn Fittro
Ms. Kathleen Fitzgerald
Ms. Charlotte A. Fleming
Edward Fleming
Fletcher Hair Design
Mrs. Dorothy Z. Fligel
Mrs. Annette Floreani
Ms. Evelyn Flowers
Randy & Beth Fluharty
Mr. Warren P. Fluharty
William & JoAnne Flynn
Mr. Dennis Foley
Ms. Karen Folino
Ben & Judith Folsom
Ms. Mary Jane Folsom
Frank & Nancy Ford
Gordon & Angela Ford
Charles & Verna Fore
Ms. Kellie O. Fore
Forest Dermatology
Mr. Stephen J. Forrest
Mr. Timothy Fortenberry
Mrs. Aline Fortner
Ms. Cathy W. Fortner
Ms. Pat Foster
Mr. & Mrs. Rob Foster
Shawn & Ellen Fountain
Four Corners Home, Inc.
Ms. Lynn A. Foust
Mrs. Amy Fowler
Mrs. Jane B. Fowler & Dr. William B. Fowler
Ms. Linda G. Fowler
Redmond & Betty Fowler
Ms. Cindy L. Fox
Ms. Elaine Fox
Kevin T. Fox, D.D.S.
Ms. Krista S. Fox
Ms. Lori L. Fox
Ms. Marilyn Fox
Ms. Cynthia Fox-Barcklow
Carol & David Foy
Ms. Barbara Fozdar
Mr. & Mrs. George C. Francisco IV
Mr. & Mrs. Allan D. Frank
Ms. Linda Frankl
Ms. Annette Franklin
Ms. Gail J. Franklin
Ms. Lorena A. Franklin
Ms. Tracy Franklin
Ms. Mary C. Frasche
Ms. Ruth Fraser
Fraternal Order of Police Harold C. Enloe Lodge 1
Kathleen & Al Frech
Ms. Rita A. Frechette
Mr. Thomas R. Freck, Jr.
Mrs. Frances Redmond Freeborn
Ms. Janet B. Freedman-Cope
Ms. Teri S. Freeland
Mr. Clyde D. Freeman & Mrs. Barbara E. Freeman
Ron & Emilie Freeman
French Broad Brewing Company
Harry & Anne Frick
Mr. Arthur H. Fricke & Ms. Joan Kline
Ms. Patricia A. Fricks
Kerry & Anna Friedman
Ms. Jacquelyn Friedrich
Ms. Sonya E. Friedrich
Ms. Marlene Frisbee
Ms. Roxanne Frue
Dr. & Mrs. John R. Fry
Ms. Deborah W. Frye
Ms. Masa K. Fujitani
Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Fullam
Albert & Marie Fullbright
Ms. Cynthia M. Fuller
Ms. Katherine Fullington
Jim & Carolyn Fuqua
Ms. Sandy Furdock
Ms. Marian Hall Furlough
Mr. Donald R. Furniss
Futch Foundation, Inc.

Sally & Toby Gabrielson
Ms. Paula Gaddis
Ms. Jo D. Gaddy
Mr. Phillip A. Gaddy
Mr. & Mrs. Alec Gaines
Ms. Kim Gainza
Barbara & Bob Galloway
Mr. Robert W. Galm
Ms. Catherine Galvin
Ms. Regina B. Galvin
Ms. Sandra Stubbs Galyean
Gannett Foundation
Ms. Mary Jane Gano and Ms. Rebecca Frye
Mrs. Christine Gant
Mr. Robert F. Gantt
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Garcarz
Ms. Anna H. Gardner
Ms. Debbie Gardner
Mrs. Dona Gardner
Mr. & Mrs. James Anthony Gardner
Mr. William H. Gardner III
Ms. Dina Garland
Dr. Hettie Lou Garland
Ms. Ruby M. Garland
Mrs. Barbara M. Garrett
Skip & Beth Garrett
Drs. John and Janet Garrett
Ms. Elaine Garrison
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry M. Garrison
Ms. Judith R. Garry
Bill & Nancy Gatewood
Mr. & Mrs. G. E. Gauss III
GB Insurance Agency
Ms. Phyllis Genetti
Fern & Anthony Gentile
Ms. Barbara Gentry
Mrs. Sandra Gentry
Ms. Margaret S. George
Mrs. Mary Jo George
Ms. Patty Gerhart
Geritol Duffers Golf Club
Pam & Steve Gers
Mrs. Anne G. Gettys
Ms. Carla S. Getz
Ms. Alice Gibson
Bernadette M. Gibson
Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Gibson
Gideon-Keystone Sunday Class First Baptist Church of Ashevil
Ms. Carol L. Gier
Ms. Kathleen Gier
Woody & Sally Giezentanner
Ms. Shirley Gifford
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Giles
Mr. Stewart H. Gill
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Gilles
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Gillespie
Mr. Darrell W. Gillett
Howard & Ruby Gilliland
Mr. & Mrs. G. Robert Gillis, Jr.
Ms. Joyce Gilman
Ron & Kay Gilmer
Ms. Zaida Gilmour
Ms. Irene C. Gilpin
Mr. Fred J. Giovinazzo
Ms. Mary G. Girardi
Harold & Frances Glaettli
Ms. Thelma T. Glattli
Ms. Mary Alice Gleason
Ms. Irene Glenn
Mr. James L. Glenn
Mr. Warren Glenn
Global Impact
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Godbold
Ms. Janet S. Godfrey
Godshall & Godshall Personnel Consultants, Inc
Ms. Donna Godwin
Mr. & Mrs. W. Frank Godwin
Mr. & Mrs. Craig & Mary Alice Goforth
Bruce & Susan Gold
Mrs. Joan F. Gold
Ms. Samantha M. Golden
Dr. & Mrs. Joel W. Goldsby
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond V. Gonzales
Ms. Tyra L. Goodman-Levine
Ms. Mary A. Goodridge
Mr. & Mrs. Carlus Goodson
Melanie & Tim Goodson
Ms. Leslie Goodwin
Gordon Food Service
Mr. James M. Gordon
Mr. James E. Gorman
Mrs. Kitch Gorman
Ms. Karen Gortney
Ms. Amie P. Gough
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Gould
John & Elizabeth Gould
Grace Baptist Church Dorcas Sunday School Class
Grace Baptist Church
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace S. Gragg
Graham Family Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Bill Graham
Ms. Deborah Graham
Mrs. Jann Graham
Ms. Mildred G. Graham
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Grashoff
Jim & Jane Gray
Ms. Peggy Gray
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Gray
Graybar Electric Company
Mrs. & Mr. Jennifer Graznak
Ms. Brenda K. Green
Mr. & Mrs. C. Earl Green
Ms. Debra Green
Ms. Kelly E. Green
Ms. Brenda M. Greene
Eydie and Barry Greene
Mr. James R. Greene
Mrs. Joanne G. Greene
Mr. John D. Greene, Jr.
Ms. Sandra Greene
Steve & Jean Greene
Greenlight Collectibles
Greenville Harley Owners Group
The J. C. Hill Family
Mrs. Sylvia Greenwood
Ms. Debra Gregg
Ms. Heather E. Gregory
Robert & Mary Gregory
Ronald & Barbara Gregory and Family
Ms. Sharon Gregory
Lloyd & Jane Gribbin
Ms. Greta S. Grier
Harry Grier
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Grier
Jeff & Susan Griesmaier
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Griffin
Ms. Emma Jean Griffin
Ms. Emogene Griffin
Ms. Judy Griffin
Mrs. Margaret S. Griffin
Ms. Mary E. Griffin
Pamela & Chad Griffin
Mr. William R. Griffin III
Ms. Brenda S. Griffith
Ms. Patricia Griffith
Mr. Michael J. Grillot
Ms. Paula J. Grillot
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Grimes
Mrs. Pat Grimes
Ms. Elaine Grindstaff
Ms. Wilma J. Grobe
Groce Funeral Home
Mrs. June B. Groce
Rhoda & Bill Groce
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Groce
Barbara Grooms
Jack & Ann Grose
Ms. Laura H. Grover
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Grover
Grovestone Baptist Church Adult Men's Sunday School Class
Ms. Betty D. Gryder
Ms. Marcia Gudger
Rebecca H. Guggenheim
Ms. Caroline Gula
Ms. Sussie Gullum
Gum, Hillier & McCroskey, P.A.
Mr. Norman Gum
Ms. Lucy M. Gunn
Ms. Debra B. Gunter
Mr. Matthew Gursky
Mr. Charles H. Gursslin
Ms. Barbara B. Gustafson
Mrs. Dixie Guthrie
Ms. Karen Guthrie
Ms. Cheryl Gutowski
Ms. Carol F. Guy & Family
Ms. Magina J. Guzman

Ms. Audrey F. Haas
Ms. Virginia Haddas
Ms. Kimberly S. Hagan
Ms. Gerry Hagarty
Ms. Connie Hagenbuch
Mr. William H. Haggard
Ms. Elizabeth Carter Haggerty
Philip & Mary Hagner
Mr. & Mrs. Bertie & Lulu Hailey
Ms. Jacqueline Haines-Bobbitt
Billy & Cynthia Hale
Mr. Richard B. Hale
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Hall
Ms. Connie Hall
Miss Ethel Ann Hall
Ms. Jennifer Hall
Ms. Kristie A. Hall
Ms. Linda Lamb Hall
Melissa & Thom Hall
Ms. Nancy Hall
Norma F. Hall
Ms. Sarah L. Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Hall
Mr. William R. Hall
Charles R. & Nancy P. Haller
Ms. Susan Hall-Martin
Mr. Marvin Halverson
Ms. Margaret M. Hamil
Mrs. Dorothy Hamill
Mr. John H. Hamilton & Mrs. Mazie G. Hamilton
Ms. Mary Ann Hamilton
Ms. Susan Hammann
Ms. Gwendolyn Hammes
George & Stephanie Hamrick
Ms. Jodie Hamrick
John & Alice Hancy
Mr. Michael P. Hand
Ms. Cathy R. Haney
Ms. Denise Haney
Mr. & Mrs. Earl L. Haney
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Haney
Mr. Thomas B. Haney
Ms. Jeanne M. Hansen
Ms. Rosemary Hansen
Dr. & Mrs. M. Joe Hardwick
Candy Hardy
Ms. Henrietta Hare
Ms. Joanna H. Hare
Keith & Tricia Hargrove
Mr. Lonnie Hargrove
Ms. Christina Harkey
Ms. Stephanie Harkleroad
Mrs. Norma Harlan
Debbie & Stewart Harley
Ms. Melissa A. Harmon
B. L. Harpe
Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Harpe
Ms. Cheryl A. Harper
Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Allen Harper
Harrah's Cherokee Casino & Hotel
David & Nannette Harrell
Ms. Margaret S. Harrell
Ina & Brooks Harrell
Mrs. Shirley L. Harrell
Ms. Janice E. Harriot
Ms. Ann Harris and Mr. Mike Harris
Barbara & Robert Harris
Ms. Grace E. Harris
Mr. James R. Harris
Ms. Janice Harris
Ms. Jo Ann Harris
Larry & Susan Harris
Ms. Linda G. Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Harris
Ms. Selma Jean Harris
Ms. Shirley S. Harris
Mrs. Sue C. Harris
Ms. Tammy R. Harris
Mr. W. Harvey Harris
James & Vicki Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Owen Harrison
Mr. William R. Harrison
Ms. Julia B. Harron
Harry's Cadillac-Pontiac Co.
Ms. Barbara Hart
Donald & Frances Hart and Family
Ms. Nellie L. Hart
Ms. Peggy Hart
Ralph G. Harvey
Ms. Sheila J. Haskard
Ms. Candace Roberts Hasty
Ms. Jade Alana Hatfield
Ms. Margery H. Hathorn
Mr. David L. Hawkins
Ms. Patti A. Hawkins
Ms. Renea S. Hawkins
Ms. Sharon Hawkins
Mr. Robert Hayes
Mr. J. Don Haynes
Mr. John M. Haynes
Ms. Linda J. Haynes
Ruby B. Haynes
Haywood County Farm Service Agency District 1
Haywood County
Haywood Street United Methodist Church
Dr. & Mrs. John L. Hazlehurst
Heacock Insurance Group, Inc.
Healthcare Business Consultants, Inc.
Jim & Mona Hearn
Ms. Sandra Hearn
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hedberg
Ms. Lori Hedrick
Mr. James Helgreen
Mrs. Barbara H. Hellebush
Ms. Frances E. Helms
Ms. Mary R. Hembree
Ms. Kelly B. Hemphill
Henderson County Chamber of Commerce
Hal & Sandy Henderson
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Henderson
Ms. Janie P. Henderson
Mr. John J. Henderson
Lynn & Bruce Henderson
Ms. Mary Henderson & Dr. Andrea Fochios
Mr. & Mrs. Rex A. Henderson
Ms. Shyrl A. Hendrickson
Ms. Reta M. Hendrix
Ms. Pat Henke
Ms. Leslie Hennessee
Ms. Kate Roberts Henry
Ozmer L. Henry, Jr., M.D.
Mrs. Sara O. Henry
Ms. Elise H. Henshaw
Ms. Ann M. Hensley
Ms. Betty M. Hensley
Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Hensley, Jr.
Mrs. Dorothy Hensley
Mrs. Betty Hensley
Mr. Greg Hensley
Ms. Joyce M. Hensley
Ms. Georgellen P. Henson
Ms. Louise M. Henson
Ms. Pamela G. Henson
Ms. Sharon Henson-Laney
Ms. Eileen D. Herbermann
Mrs. Nancy G. Herbert
Mr. Gary Hernandez
Ms. Janet C. Herren
Dana & Laura Herring
Ms. Martha Herring
Mr. Lewis E. Herron
Herron's Meadowbrook Farm Inc.
Ms. Audrey M. Hertel
Ms. Mary Jean R. Herzog
Ms. Frances M. Hess
Ms. Monica F. Hester
Tim & Abigail Hester
Mr. Alan D. Hetzel
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hickling
Jim & Mary Beth Hickman
David & Rita Hicks
Ms. Melissa Hicks
Ms. Teresa Hicks
Ms. Kathleen Higgins
Ms. Theresa E. Higgins
Joseph C. & Robin S. Hildebrand
Dr. & Mrs. A. Ted Hill, Jr.
Mr. Brian C. Hill
Georgiana & Michael Hill
Mr. Joshua R. Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Hillard
Ms. Barbara A. Hiller
Ms. Shirley Hillyer
Ms. Gayle A. Hines
Joseph & Beverly Hines
Ms. Barbara F. Hinkle
Ms. Betty S. Hintz
Hershey & Ada Lee Hipps
Ms. Kathy Hipps
Ms. Carol H. Hire
Mrs. Margaret L. Hobbes
Robert & Lucille Hobbes
Bill & Jane Hochholzer
Ms. Ruth Hodge
R. D. & Kathleen Hodges
Ms. Jean B. Hoefner
Dr. James Hoer
Ms. Linda Jean Hoffecker
Mrs. Evie Hoffman
Mr. & Mrs. Verne R. Hoffman
Ms. Ruth A. Hogan
Ms. Ann Hoglen
Ms. Elizabeth Holcombe
Paul & Cecile Holcombe
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Holderread
Ms. Minnie B. Hollar
Ms. R. Winn Holley
Ms. Amy E. Hollifield
Ron & Noreen Hollo
Ms. Gail E. Holmes
Ms. Mitzi H. Holmes
Ms. Peg Holmes
Dr. & Mrs. Stanley E. Holt
HomeSource Real Estate & Construction, Inc.
Ms. Faye Honeycutt
Ms. Judith Honeycutt
Mr. Justin Honeycutt
Ms. Melissa W. Honeycutt
Ms. Hazel B. Hooker
Cynthia & Mitchell Hopkins
Ms. Barbara K. Hoppes
Ms. Jolene Horne
Mr. William Horne
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Hornowski
Mrs. Sandra Hoskin
Hospice Treasures
Hot Springs Fireman Association
Ms. Mary Margaret Houk
Ms. Sue Houser
Ms. Barbara P. Houston
Ms. Joyce S. Houston
Mrs. Alice Houston
Ms. Barbara Kappler Howard
Ms. Debra G. Howard
Mrs. Diana Howard
Dottie & Troy Howard
Ms. Sandra K. Howe
Arnold & Joyce Howell
Mr. Gary Howell & Mrs. Peggy Howell
Jimmie & Jane Howell
Mrs. Marcia C. Howell
Ms. Margaret G. Howell
Ms. Stacey Howell
Howell's Motor Freight, Inc.
Ms. Charlotte D. Howze
Ms. Altha B. Hoyle
Mr. Patrick Shon Hoyle
Ms. Susan K. Hoyle
Sara & Bill Hoyt
Mr. Frank C. Hraber & Ms. Donna Hrabar
Ms. Joan F. Hubbard
Hubbell Electrical Systems
John & Elizabeth Hubbell
Ms. Anna M. Huber
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Hudgins
Ms. Beverly C. Hudson
Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Hudson, Jr.
Bryan & Carole Huffman
Ms. Evelyn W. Huffman
Mr. Robert Hufstader
Ms. Willodean W. Huggins
Ms. Alicia L. Hughes
Ms. Claire K. Hughes
Mr. David Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Glen E. Hughes
Ms. Heather M. Hughes
Ms. Janet Hughes
Ms. Katherine B. Hughes
Ms. Kathleen L. Hughes
Ms. Marie H. Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Sidney A. Hughes
Ms. Mary Denise Hulslander
Ms. Kelly Hummer-McLaughlin
Mr. Edward J. Hunneyman
Ms. Angela Hunt
Mrs. Cathy Hunt
Dr. & Mrs. Hamilton Hunt
Ms. Linda Hunt
Ms. Elaine Hunter
Ms. Mary Alice Hunter
Ms. Linda A. Huntley
Mrs. Suzanne Huntley
Mr. Adam L. Hurdt
Bill & Neysa Hurt
Ms. Carol A. Husband
Mrs. Betty C. Hutchinson
Ms. Jamie M. Hutchison
Mr. & Mrs. David Hyatt
Norburn & Martha Hyatt
Ms. Shirley A. Hyatt

Mr. Nick Iannetta
IBEW Local 1631
IBM Southeast Employees' Federal Credit Union
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Ms. Barbara F. Ingle
Ms. Joyce P. Ingle
Mr. Teri A. Ingle
Ms. Terri L. Ingle-Krause & Mr. Scott Krause
Innkeeper Properties, Inc.
Insurance Service of Asheville
Thomas & Libby Irwin
Ms. Patricia D. Isaacs
Ms. Marzy Israel
Richard & Clara Israel
Ms. Helen A. Ivy
Iwanna USA, LLC

J & S Cafeteria
Jack B Inc.
Bennett & Jordan Jack
Ms. Carolyn Jackson
Ms. Jennie Sue Jackson
Ms. Joanne S. Jackson
Ms. Mary G. Jackson and Ms. Barbara Pool
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Jackson, Jr.
Ms. Jennifer Jacobs
Dr. Sharon L. Jacques
Ms. Margaret W. Jamerson
Ms. Barbara McKinney James
Ms. Carole A. James
David & Eileen James
Ms. Joyce A. James
Ms. Marilee James & Ms. Melissa Whiteside
Mrs. E. Curry Jamison
Ms. Pamela B. Jarrett
Mr. Timothy G. Jarrett
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Jefferis
Mr. & Mrs. E. Clark Jenkins
Lawrence & Mable Jenkins
Johnny & Peggy Jenkins
Ms. Phyllis J. Jenkins
Ms. Tommi J. Jenkins
Ms. Lisa Jenkins-Lawrence
Ms. Nancy A. Jensen-Miller
Jewell Acres Homeowners Association
Wayne & Pat Jewsbury
John Carroll Real Estate
Ms. Diana C. Johns
Johnson Price & Sprinkle PA
Mr. & Mrs. Albert B. Johnson
Mrs. Angela Johnson & Mr. Gabriel Johnson
Ms. Debra L. Johnson
Ms. Elizabeth H. Johnson
Ms. Frances M. Johnson
Mrs. Janet Johnson
Mrs. Judith A. Johnson
Mrs. Mary P. Johnson
Charles & Mollie Johnson
Mr. Reecel E. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Rollins Johnson
Joe & Sandra Johnson
Ms. Sherry Johnson
Mrs. Stella M. Johnson
Mrs. Val B. Johnson
Ms. Alyson Johnson-Sawyer & Mr. James Sawyer
Ms. Margaret Johnston
Ms. Ann S. Jolly
Butch & Judy Jones
Bonnie & Tom Jones
Chat & Judith Jones
Mr. Christopher S. Jones
Ms. Cynthia Jones
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Jones
Ms. Erlene Jones
Ms. Gina Raina Jones
Ms. Heather R. Jones
Janice & Marvin Jones
Jill & Jerry Jones
Mr. John Jones
Ms. Judy Jones
Ms. Karin W. Jones
Ms. Kimberly J. Jones
Locke & Carol Jones
Mrs. Louise Jones
Ms. Marlene M. Jones
Mrs. Martha F. Jones
Mr. Owen C. Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Jones
Ms. Rebecca Jones
Mrs. Sandra J. Jones
Ms. Stephanie Jones-Byrne
Ms. Doris Marie Jordan
Miss Elsie W. Jordan
Mr. J. Richard Jordan, Jr.
Ms. Dawn M. Jorgensen
Joseph F. Mongovis Charitable Fund
Ms. Martine Jourdain
Ms. Ann Joyner
Ms. Brenda Joyner
Ms. Ardene D. Judd
Ms. Allison Y. Judson
Junaluska Elementary School
Ms. Carol Juncker
Ms. Jayme G. Juncker
Ms. Mary D. June
Charley & Peggy Justice
Ms. Martha H. Justice
Ms. Maxine Justice
Ms. Wendy L. Justice
Ryan & Angie Justus

Rita & Ed Kane
Mike & Jana Kaney
Albert & Barbara Kanipe
Kappa Kappa Iota, Rho Conclave
Ms. Mary L. Karickhoff
Mrs. Leah R. Karpen
George & Mary Kats
Jim & Gloria Katsch
Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP
Ms. Martha D. Kattermann
Ms. Claudia Kaul
Ms. Traci Kearns
Mrs. Mary Keenan
Ms. Shelby S. Keenan
Mr. James Keeney
Mrs. Josephine F. Keever
Ms. Patsy Keever
Mrs. Rubye F. Keever
Keller Williams Professionals
Mrs. Nancy H. Keller
Mr. Nicholas Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Kelley
Mrs. Tracey Kelley
Ms. Heidi Kelling
Dr. Calvin A. Kelly
Mrs. E. Glenn Kelly
Ms. Pamela Kelly
Mrs. Marlene R. Kendall
Ms. Cheryl Kendrick
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Kendrick
Ms. Jackie S. Kent
Larry & Ruth Kent
Mr. George W. Kerr
Ms. Geraldine J. Kessler
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Keyes
Ms. Norma Kibler
Ms. Susan Kidney
Ms. Amanda Kilgore
Karen & Blaine Killian
Orysia & Dave Killion
Ms. Sarah Killmeyer
Kiln Drying Systems & Components, Inc.
Ms. Patricia H. Kilpatrick
Ms. Betty J. Kimball
Mrs. Christine E. Kimball
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
Ms. Beverly Ann King
Mr. Charles L. King
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis King
Ms. Edna Marie King
Dale King
Horace & Mary King
Mr. Jeff King
Ms. Kelli King
Mr. Kenneth L. King
Ms. Vickie King
Ellen Kinnear and Marilyn McVicker
Ms. Alene K. Kinsland-Smith
Charles & Patricia Kirby
Dan & Jane Kirby
Dick & Alice Kirkland
Camp & Fran Kirkland
Frank & Beverly Kirkland
Lena & Jack Kirksey
Ms. Jacqueline G. Kitchen
Mrs. Eleanor V. Kittel
Mr. Charles R. Klatt
Robin Strauss & Michael Strauss
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Klingman
Ms. Susan Klisures
Ms. Glenna B. Klutz
Mr. Barry E. Knapp
Ms. Beverly Knight
Ms. Dorothy Knight
Ms. Joan B. Knight
Margo & Will Knight
Ms. Ruby J. Knight
Gene & Ellen Knoefel
Dr. & Mrs. Mark A. Knollman, D.D.S.
Mr. John T. Knortz
Mrs. Grace L. Knutelsky
John & Mechelle Kobar
Bill & Carlene Koch
Mr. & Mrs. Albert P. Konchar, Sr.
Mr. Frank Konchar
Mr. Frank H. Konchar
Maureen & Martin Konchar
Mr. Herz Koning
Ms. Jeannette G. Konopacky
Ms. Rosalee M. Kooles
Mrs. Betty M. Koon
Ron & Jane Koppenhoefer
Dave & Barb Korb
Ms. Mara Koslen-Simmons
Mr. Jack Kossel
Ms. Brenda Baker Koster
Ms. Laurie Kozar
Mr. Ronald G. Kratz
Mr. Thomas D. Krause
Mr. Tim Krause
Ms. Betsy Krickhan
Mr. Teryll D. Krisher
Ms. Marian Krutulis
Mr. Robert G. Kudel
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Kuehn
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Kummer
Ms. Sandra Kuperman
Dr. & Mrs. David Kutob, Jr.
Dr. S. David Kutob
Ms. Judy A. Kuykendall
Ms. Kimberly Kuykendall & Mr. Philip Hooper
Betty Anne & Alan Kyber
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kyff

Ms. Sandra Laccheo
Ladies Auxiliary FRA Unit 361
Ladies Auxiliary to VFW Post 891
Ladies' Night Out Group
Ms. Terri Lafevers
Ms. Kathleen Laine
Mr. Richard M. Lamb
Don & Sandra Lambe
Ms. Carolyn Lambert
Ted & Regina Lambert
Ms. Pat LaMonica
Mrs. Lucille M. Lamy
Ms. Katherine T. Lancaster
Lee & Sue Lance
Ms. Tina S. Lance
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Landau
Ms. Laura Maynard Lane
Vicki & Neale Lane
Mrs. Judy L. Laney
Ms. Lisa Laney
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Lang
Greg & Suzanne Lang
Ms. Lore Lang
Mrs. Marie M. Langlois & Dr. John Langlois
Ms. Edna E. Lankford
Larry & Lois Lankford
Mr. William S. Lankford
Mr. Edward F. Lannigan
Bruce & Anita LaRowe
Ms. Andra Larson
Ms. Barbara F. Lasher
Mr. Phillip B. Latinski
Mr. & Mrs. L. Donald Latorre
Ms. Heidi D. Lauff
The Otto Lauff Family
Mr. Anthony A. Laughter
Ms. Cynthia Ann Law
Mr. Douglas R. Lawrence
John E. Lawrence, Jr., M.D.
Mrs. Philip Lawrence
Bill & Margery Lawrence
Mrs. Beth R. Laws
Stephan & Matthew Lawter
Ms. Ada P. Leary
Dr. J. Michael Leatherwood
Mrs. Doris E. Lederer
Ms. June A. Lederer
Douglas & Carolyn Ledford
Mr. & Mrs. George Ledford
Ms. Kathy G. Ledford
Ms. Beverly G. Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Ricky A. Lee
Ms. Phyllis Legros
Bill & Lee Leiner
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Leming
Ms. Bertie W. Lemmond
Mike and Pat Lemmons
Mrs. Rita V. Lenderman
Dr. & Mrs. Dan Leonard
Pete & Donna Leonard
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Lepore
Ms. Aida Lequerique
Mr. Thomas L. Letchworth & Family
Ms. Martha Letsinger & Mr. Robert Damiani
Mrs. Mary Levi
James E. & Anne M. LeVine
Ms. Nancy S. Levitt
Reverend Brenda K. Lewis
Dayna A. Lewis, PT
Ms. Debbie J. Lewis
Ms. Gwendolyn L. Lewis
Jim & Irma Lewis
Ms. Kay Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Liebermann
Ms. Patricia Liguori
Ms. Eula L. Limbaugh
Ms. Judy Limbo & Family
James & Eva Lindsey
Mr. Charles C. Lingerfelt III
Ms. Rebecca R. Linville
Ms. Jo Ellen Lipe
Ms. Nancy T. Lippard & Ms. Ruth L. Smith
Ms. Tina Lipscomb
Ms. Marjorie List
Ms. Sandy List
Mr. Donald Little
Victor & Paula Little
Mr. Harris M. Livingstain & Mrs. Laura F. Livingstain
Ms. Vicki Lloyd
Ms. Candace Lofano
Ms. Barbara H. Loftin
Ms. Cat Loftis
John & Charlene Logan
Mr. Matthew M. Logan
Ellie & Charles Lombardo
Long, Parker, Warren, Anderson & Payne, P.A.
Ms. Dionna Long
Ms. Dorothy A. Long
Judy Long
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Long
Ms. Patricia A. Long
Ms. Peggy Smith Long
Mr. Lee Long
Cliff & Barbara Longcoy
Ms. Gwen Longnecker
Ms. Shirley J. Loos
Ms. Beth Louis and Mr. Wes Lines
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Love
Mr. & Mrs. William Love
Mr. & Mrs. Reid Lovelace
Ronnie & Joyce Lovelace
John & Marcia Loveless
Paul & Sara Lovingood
Lee & Amy Loy
Mr. & Mrs. John Lucas
Lucy Anne, Inc.
Ms. Christina Ludescher
Mrs. Frances L. Luker
Ms. Deborah D. Lunsford
Mr. Lloyd Lunsford
Ellen & Wayne Lusk
Ms. Tina C. Lusk
Ms. Sheri Lussier
Ms. Anna B. Luther
Ms. Evelyn Lycans
Louise M. Lyda
Ross & Dana Lyman
Mrs. Alice W. Lynch
Ms. Dianne G. Lynch
Ted & Sarah Lynch
Mr. Bradley Lyons
Ms. Frieda M. Lytle

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Macisco
Ms. Mary MacLean
Macon Program for Progress
Ms. Ann Macon-Ellis
Maggie Valley Police Association, Inc.
Ms. Margaret Turner Magnan
Ms. Suzanne B. Main
Mr. Joseph E. Mainous, Sr.
Ms. Judith A. Maisel
Ms. Emilie T. Malajati & Ms. Cynthia A. Strom
Ms. Esther R. Mallonee
Ms. Elizabeth Malone
Ms. Deborah W. Maltry
Mrs. Martha Maltry
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mamola
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Maney
Ms. Janet M. Mann
Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Manz
Mrs. & Mr. Elizabeth Marcin
Ken & Isabelle Marino
Ms. Roena B. Markley
Ms. Emily Gibson Marler
Vernon & Bernice Marler
Ms. Carolyn Marlowe
Richard & Helen Marlowe
Ms. Lisa Shope Marrow
Mr. Charles Marsh
Mr. Jerry L. Marsh
Ms. Donna H. Marshall
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Marstall
Mickey & Beth Martin
Ms. Diana L. Martin
Ms. Ellen B. Martin
Joyce & Danny Martin
Ms. Theresa Martin
Ms. Twila M. Martin
Richie & Carolyn Mashburn
William C. Mashburn, D.D.S.
Mr. William D. Mashburn
Ms. Dot Mason
Massasoit of North Carolina, Inc.
Mrs. Helen Massey
Mr. Ramon Massey
Mr. Thomas C. Massie
Mrs. JoAnne W. Masterman
Helen & William Masters
Ms. Elizabeth Matari
Ms. Jane M. Matteson
Ms. Betty T. Matthews
Ms. Doris B. Matthews
Mr. Knox V. Matthews
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Matthews
Mr. & Mrs. Roy M. Matthews
Mr. Richard S. Mauldin
Peggy & Ken Maultsby
Ms. Judie C. Mauney
Mr. Willliam K. Mauney
Ms. Avirea L. Maxwell
Mrs. Judith May
Kenneth & Margaret May
Ms. Phyllis May
Bee & Tommy Maybank
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Mayer
Ms. Denise Mayher
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Mayhew
Mr. Robert W. Mayhew
Mr. James C. Maynor
Mrs. Sandra Kay Maynor
Ms. Doris Mayo
Mr. Joseph D. Mayo III
Caroljean Mazza & Mike Hagen
MB Haynes Corporation
Ms. Becki McAbee
Mrs. Vivian McAbee
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. McAfoos
Ms. Ceci McAuliffe
Ms. Margaret R. McBrayer
Ms. Billie C. McCann
Ms. Sharon McCarson
Scott & Teresa McCarthy
Mr. Boyd McCaskill
Mr. Kenneth L. McClarey
Ms. Heather C. McCloy
Ms. Mary R. McClure
Ms. Patty McClure
Ms. Louise L. McCommons
Ms. Jane O. McConnell
Ms. Robin G. McConnell
Jane & Jim McCormick
Ms. Ginger McCoy
Ms. Merilyn Y. McCracken
Mrs. Terri McCrary
Ms. Anita McCurley
Ms. Cheryl F. McCurry
Ms. Joan C. McCurry
Ms. Faye P. McDaniel
Mr. Jack E. McDaniel
Ms. Linda G. McDaniel
Mr. & Mrs. Ricky McDevitt
Ms. Shannon R. McDevitt
Mr. Barry McDonagh
Angie T. & Paul McDonald
David & Ellen McDonald
Ms. Magdalene S. McDonald
Ms. Sharon McDonald
Dr. & Mrs. T. W. McDonald
Ms. Cathy L. McDonough
Mr. Ben McDowell
Ms. Edith M. McDowell
Steve & Brenda McElreath
Ms. Jill L. McElreath
David & Barb McElroy
Kimberly & James McElroy
Sam & Edna McElroy
Ms. Tina McElwee
Ms. Patti McFarland
Joe & Barbara McFee
Ms. Dianne D. McGaha
Ms. Cynthia McGahee
Ms. Shelby Jean Bullard & Mr. Sherrill G. McGalliard
Mrs. Anna McGarry
McGill Associates, P.A.
Ms. Malorie McGinnis
Ms. Linda F. McGlamery
Ms. Kim McGuire
Ms. Susan McGuire
Mr. Cecil T. McHone
Gary & Sara McHone
Mr. & Mrs. R. L. & Bunnie McIntosh
Mr. & Mrs. Henry McKay
Mr. & Mrs. Alan McKenzie
Mr. D. C. McKinney
Donna & Steve McKinnis
Ms. Alisa McLaughlin
Dr. & Mrs. W. Copley McLean
Bill McLees
William McLees
Ms. Sarah Jaudon McMahan
Mrs. Linda V. McMahan
Mr. & Mrs. Ray J. McMinn
Dr. & Mrs. John McMurray
Jeffrey Michael & Linda McNabb
Ms. Barbara J. McNally
Ms. Susan O. McNamee
Mrs. Carole McNeil
Ms. Katherine McNeil
Dr. & Mrs. Mark McNeill
Ms. Darlene McPeters
Ms. Mary Ross McQuage
Ms. Lisa G. McQueen
Ms. Kathy G. McRae
Ms. Hazel F. McRorie
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. McVay
Ms. M. Shawn McWhirter
Ms. Kathy H. McWhorter
Ms. Kathy Mead
Mr. Eric S. Meade
Meadowbrook Free Will Baptist Church
Ms. Bonnie Meadows
Kenneth & Chrysta Mease
Mrs. Joyce Mease
Ms. Marilyn S. Medford
Mr. & Mrs. R. Boyd Medford
Ms. Marilynn Medican
Ms. Elizabeth D. Meeks
Mrs. Kathryn Meeks
J. V. & Alma Mehaffey
Ms. Nancy Donnell Mehaffey
Mr. Joseph Melbourne
Mrs. Karen L. Melegi & Mr. John E. Melegi
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Mellish
Ms. Charlotte U. Melson
Joe & Annette Melton
Ms. Betty J. Melton
Ms. Frances Melton
Ms. Madie Melton
Sharon & Paul Mengel
Ms. C. L. Merck
Mr. Kam A. Merrell
Richard & Suzie Merrell
Bob & Elizabeth Merrill
Major Christopher Merrill
Ms. Debbie Messer
Ms. Doris Ann Messer
Ms. Judy Messer
Mrs. Lillian Messer
Ms. Alice Metcalf
Anita & Roger Metcalf
Ms. Audrey Metcalf
Ms. Christy R. Metcalf
Ms. Jackie F. Metcalf
Ms. Jacqueline Metcalf
Ms. Linda Metcalf
Mr. W. D. Metcalf
Mr. Ralph Metheny, Jr.
Ms. Betty H. Metts
Mr. Burton Meyer
Jim & Beth Michael
Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Michie, Jr.
Mr. Charles A. Mickey, Jr.
Ms. Linda Milam
Ms. Celia H. Miles
Milkco, Inc.
Ms. Christina M. Miller
Mr. David H. Miller
E. R. Miller
Ms. Elizabeth Jordan Miller
Mr. Gary F. Miller
Ms. Honey Miller
Ilse Miller
Ms. Jan H. Miller
Mrs. Justine Miller
Ms. Kim Miller
Ms. Linda D. Miller
Mrs. Rebecca Miller
Ms. Rebecca L. Miller
Mr. Robert L. Miller, Sr.
Mr. Robert L. Miller, Jr.
Robert & Virginia Miller
Eddy & Sabrina Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Thom Miller
Ms. Amanda M. Mills
Mr. James H. Mills
Ricky Mills
Mr. Scott Mills
Tom & Martha Mills
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Millspaugh
Mrs. Madge Milovitz
Mimosa Hills Golf Club
Mims Scottsmoor Library Staff
Mine & Yours Consignments
Mr. Lawrence C. Minnich
Mr. Jerry Mintz
Ms. Barbara D. Mishoe
Mission Health System
Mission Healthcare Foundation
Missionary Ridge Baptist Church
Tom & Anne Mock
Mrs. Betty Ann Modaff
Mr. & Mrs. Lou G. Mohlman
Ms. Wilma Momkes
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Mongiovi
Ms. Brenda J. Mongold
Phillip & Sarah Monk
Ms. Barbara S. Monteith
Ms. Ava Virginia Montgomery
Mrs. Mildred Montgomery
Roland & Patricia Montgomery
Ms. Ruby B. Montgomery
Mrs. Barbara H. Moody
Mr. Cameron S. Moody
Mr. Charles Moody
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Moody, Jr.
Jack Moody
Roy & Gail Moody
Mr. & Mrs. Alan D. Moore
Ms. Barbara B. Moore
Dan & Cheryl Moore
Ms. Cynthia W. Moore
Ms. Dana B. Moore
Mr. James D. Moore & Mrs. Evelyn J. Moore
Bob & Helen Moore
Julia & David Moore
Ms. Kathy D. Moore
Mr. Lemuel F. Moore, Jr.
Burgin & Nellie Moore
Mr. Ron L. Moore
Walter & Mary Ann Moore
Wilson & Audrey Moore
Mrs. Jane Moorehead
Mr. J. Richard Moorer, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Moran
Frank & Katherine Moretz
Ann Morgan
Mrs. Betty D. Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Carl R. Morgan
Charles & Sally Morgan
Ms. Gretchen L. Morgan
The J. C. Hill Family
Joe & Milli Way Morgan
Dale & Joyce Morgan
Ms. Kathryn J. Morgan
Lois & Roger Morgan
Ms. Lora Morgan
Ms. Nancy Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Morgan
Ms. Shannon Morgan
Ms. Sharon L. Morgan
Ms. Sharon L. Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. George W. Morosani
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Morris
Mrs. Janet Morris & Family
Robert & Lori Morris
William & Lynne Morris
Ms. Beth S. Morrison
Ms. Katherine D. Morrison
Mr. Larry Morrow
Melvin Morton
Robert & Verna Morton
Ms. Marybeth Moscinski, RN
Mr. & Mrs. Merritt Moseley
Mr. Eddie H. Moses
Mr. Kenneth W. Moses
Moss Motors, Ltd.
Adam & Brandi Moss
Mrs. Barbara B. Moss
Ms. Jackie Moss
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Moss
Mrs. Sara Cozart Moss
Ms. Vicki Patton Moss
Ms. Virginia H. Moss
Ms. Carol Mott
Reverend Patty Mouer & Mr. Joseph R. Mouer
Mount Carmel Baptist Church Adult Co-Ed SSC
Mountain Animal Hospital. P.A.
Mountain Kidney & Hypertension Associates, P.A.
Mountain Paint & Decorating
Mt. Moriah Wesleyan Church, God's Greenhouse SSC
Carol & Larry Mucci
Mr. Richard P. Mueller
Ms. Gisela E. Mull
Tom & Lee Mulligan
Tim and Pam Mullinax
Richard & Belinda Mumm
Ms. Jean Mumpower
Ms. Elaine Murphy
Ms. Elisabeth S. Murphy
Mr. Kenneth D. Murphy
Ms. Melissa C. Murphy
Mr. Philip J. Murphy
Carl & Nancy Murray
Ms. Carmen Murray
Ms. Jan D. Muse
Frances Myers
William & Ruth Myers
Mr. & Mrs. Weldon B. Myers
Mr. William O. Myers III
Sarah Lee and Don Myracle

Darryl D. Nabors, D.D.S.
Mr. Donald C. Nagel
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick P. Nagler
Mrs. Anna Nagy
Mr. Frank Nanney
Nannie Muse Sunday School Class
Dennis & Kathryn Narlock
National Parts Depot
Ms. Bobbie Sue Nave & Family
Bobby & Lisa Neal
Mr. J. Philip Neal
Ralph & Brenda Neal
Ms. Pramad Nehrbass
Ms. Carol M. Nelson
Ms. Jane T. H. Nelson
Ms. Janice W. Nelson
Mrs. Nancy Nelson
Mr. John Nesbit & Mrs. Linda P. Nesbit
Nesbitt Chapel United Methodist Church
Ms. Paula S. Nesbitt
Suzanne & Donald Netherton
Mr. Ed Neves
New Morgan Hill Baptist Church
Mrs. Elizabeth C. New
The Reverend & Mrs. Jerry M. Newbold, Jr.
Mr. Allan P. Newell
Ms. Willa Newell
Ms. Rita Newkirk and Ms. Janet Marra
Gary & Liese Nichols
Lieutenant Colonel Jack Nichols, USAF Ret.
Mrs. Mason Nichols
Ms. Doris A. Nicklaw
Mrs. Dana Nickloy
Ms. Mary Jo T. Nicoll
Don & Marilyn Nidey
Ms. Doreen Monitto Nidey
Ms. Mary R. Niewiadomski
Greg & Sandy Nikolas
Mr. Edward G. Nisbet
Mike & Claudia Nix
Ms. Tammy L. Nix
Ms. Catherine R. Noblitt
Ms. Roberta Nockow
Ms. Linda J. Noe
Louise D. Noland
Ms. Sandra A. Norbo
Ms. Diane Nordin
Mrs. Ann Norris
North Asheville Friday Bridge Group
North Asheville Pre-School, Inc.
North Buncombe High School
North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
North Carolina Department of Transportation
North Carolina Radiation Therapy Management Services, Inc.
North Henderson High School
North Windy Ridge School Staff
Northup, McConnell & Sizemore, PLLC
Northwest Ohio Cardiology Consultants
Ms. Sharon H. Norton
Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Norvell
Ms. Patsy Norwood
Nova Kitchen & Bath
Ms. Julie Novak
Dr. Robert A. Novy
Ms. Diana Nowlin
Ms. Shannon Nowlin
Ms. Kathy Noyes

Oakley Elementary School
Ms. Barbara M. Oates
Mike & Cindy O'Byrne
Kevin & Betsy O'Connell
Pat & Mimi O'Connell
Ms. Stella B. O'Connor
October Road
Marc & Rebecca Ogle
Ms. Beverly Ohler
Glenn & Helen O'Kelley
Betty Jean O'Kelly
Ms. Mary Ann O'Lari
Old Fort High School Class of 1956
Ms. Anna Olsen
Ms. Alissa J. Olson
Ms. Brigid C. Olson
David Olson & Susan Shillcock
Ms. Dorothy M. Olson
Ms. Susanne M. Olson
Order Of The Eastern Star Wesconnett Chapter #247
Bill & Mary Jane Osborne
Mr. Rory D. Osler
William & Doris Osler
Oteen Baptist Church
Ms. Marsha Ott
Mr. Conrad K. Ottenfeld
Naomi & Philip Otterness and Family
Mr. Jimmy G. Outen
Tracy & Jennifer Outen
Ms. Esther M. Ovian
Mrs. Billie C. Owen
Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Owen, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Grant W. Owen
Ms. Misty Owenby
Ms. Buretta Owenby
Ms. Ina B. Owenby
Max & Tharesa Owenby
Mr. Ronald W. Owenby
Mr. Keith Owens
Ms. Stella Owens
Bob & Gena Owensby
Mrs. Linda T. Ownbey
Dr. Isaac B. Owolabi, Ph.D.

J. Gilbert & Patricia Packett
Ms. Judith S. Page
Mike & Connie Pageler
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Palmer
Margaret & Glenn Palmer
Ms. Judith F. Palmer
Palmwood 206 Corporation
Mr. Thomas L. Pappas
Ms. Emma Ivory Parham
Mr. Larry Parham
Ms. Lucille H. Paris
Ms. Francesca Paris-Albertson
Jim & Camille Park
Ms. Alice H. Parker
Pete & Elaine Parker
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Parker
James & Lucille Parker
Terry & Doug Parker
Ms. Virgie M. Parker
Mr. William Steven Parker
David & Anna Rue Parks
Ms. Leta Ruth Parks
Marlene & Russ Parks
Mrs. Priscilla N. Parks
Mrs. Betty Parramore
Mr. Michael J. Parris
Parsec Financial Management, Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. J. M. Parsons, D.D.S.
Ms. Sharon Parsons
Steve & Joy Pastucha
Barbara & Barry Pate
Pathways Bible Study Class of Boone UMC
Ms. Delores N. Patille
Kathy & Butch Patrick
Mr. Charles K. Patterson
Mr. Clifford E. Patterson
Ms. Tresa Patterson
Ms. Jennifer G. Patton
Mrs. Margaret K. Patton
Mrs. Barbara Payne
James F. Payne
Mr. Jonathan Payne
Ms. Lucille Payne
Ms. Mary M. Payne
Ms. Ruth Payne
Mrs. Sandra W. Payne
Ms. Marie T. Peacock
Mrs. C.C. Pearce III
Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Pearlman
Ms. Barbara Pearson
Ms. Eleanore G. Pearson
Penny & Billy Peebles
Ms. Barbara W. Peek
Ms. Stacy Peek
Ms. Deborah B. Pegel
Mrs. Laura Diddy Penick
Mr. Don Penland
Ms. Pauline J. Penland
Ms. Sue P. Penland
Mr. W. Don Penley
Mary & John Penn
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Penn
Mr. Dale E. Pennell
Ms. Christa Pensworth
Mr. & Mrs. Karl & Diana Peper
Mr. Bryan Pepper
PepsiCo Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Mr. Carlos A. Perez
Mr. David L. Perkins
Ms. Diana Perkins
Mr. Louis A. Perretta, Jr.
Ms. Barbara C. Perry
Ms. Cynthia Lynn Perry
Ms. Donna Lucas Perry
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Perry
Personnel Services Unlimited, Inc.
Ms. Doris A. Pesente
Mrs. Jenny Keever Peterken
Mr. Charles M. Peters
Mrs. Kathi M. Petersen & Mr. Dan Petersen
Ms. Brenda Peterson
Ms. Jackie Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Peterson
Mr. Roger Peterson
Ms. Pearl C. Pettersen
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Mr. & Mrs. Armin Pflaumbaum
Mr. & Mrs. C. David Pheil
Ms. Marilyn Phibbs
Mr. Charles Richard Philipsen
Ms. Anita B. Phillips
Edwin & Sharon Phillips
Ms. Joyce Phillips
Mr. Martin A. Phillips
Ms. Melanie L. Phillips
Ms. Carolyn C. Philpott
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest W. Phipps
Phoenix Properties
Ms. Della H. Pickens
Phil & Melba Pickens
Ms. Kelly A. Pickerel
Mr. & Mrs. George Pickering II
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Pickering
Mr. Gerald P. Pielack
Ms. Lisa N. Piercy
Ms. Marian S. Piercy and Family
Mr. Ronald P. Piercy
Ms. Audrey H. Pierson
Bruce & Carolyn Pike
Mr. Michael D. Pike
Holly & Jim Piller
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Pine
Ms. Ruth Piotrowicz
Fran Piper
Ms. Kelly Pippinger-Clark
Mr. Allen V. Pisani
Pisgah Elementary School
Pisgah Insulation & Fireplaces of N.C.
Pisgah Manor
Pisgah View Pentecostal Church
David & Frances Pittman
Mrs. Fayellen F. Pitts
Ms. Ruth A. Planey
PlanFIRST, Inc.
Mrs. Joyce C. Plank & Mr. Charles Plank
Mr. Karl A. Plank
Mr. Charles F. Platz
Pleasant Gardens Baptist Church
Pleasant Grove Union Church Sunday School
Ms. Anita F. Plemmons
Dean & Sue Plemmons
Drew & Anna Plemmons
Ms. Georgia T. Plemmons
Ms. Jan C. Plemmons
Ms. Mary P. Plemmons
Ms. Katy L. Pless
Ms. Elizabeth Plonka
Richard & Carol Podmore
Mr. Charles S. Poehlein
Ms. Karen Patton Poehlein
Pole Creek Baptist Church
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Pomeroy
Ms. Barbara C. Ponder
Ms. Lora K. Ponder
Ray & Penny Ponder
Tammy R. Ponder
Bob & Gail Poore
Colonel Richard T. Poore
Hazel & Bill Post
Ms. Cheryl S. Postlewaite
Ms. Nancy Poston
Bill & Patsy Pott
Ms. Karen D. Potthoff
Ms. Jo-Ann Pouliot
Ms. Mary Poulos
Dr. & Mrs. Milton G. Poulos, D.D.S.
Mrs. Amanda H. Powell
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Powell
Ms. Theresa A. Powell
Mr. W. Ernest Powell, Jr.
Ms. Roberta L. Powers
Precision Products Performance Center
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Foundation
Mr. Dennis A. Press
Ms. Cathy Pressley
Ms. Doris Pressley
Ms. Lottie Pressley
Ms. Marsha C. Pressley
Mr. T. R. Pressley
Ms. Nancy Presson
Ms. Mary Prestwood
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Prestwood, Jr.
Mr. Jerry Price
Ms. Judy Price
Kathy & Robert Price
Mr. & Mrs. Randall Price
Ms. Wanda Price
Donna & Keith Prinz
Ms. Michelle C. Prisco
Ms. Alexia Pritchard
Robert & Ruth Pritchard
Ms. Constance Proctor
Progress Energy Service Company, LLC
Ms. Norma G. Pruett
Ms. Janet B. Pruitt
PSNC Energy Asheville Operations
Public Works Department of the City of Decatur Employees
Bill & Linda Puckett
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Pulsinelli
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Punshon, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Everett Pyatt
Mrs. Suzanne R. Pyron

Ms. Jane Queen
Ms. Katrina Queen
Ms. Melba Queen
John & Barbara Quigley
Ms. Susan J. Quinzi

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Raabe
Ms. Evelyn C. Rabbino
Don Radcliff
Ms. Wanda J. Radcliff
Mr. Eugene S. Rader
Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Rader
Ms. Norma T. Rader
Ms. Mora C. Radford
Radiology Associates of Columbus, P.C.
Ms. Elean S. Ragan
Avery & Glynis Ragan
Mrs. Margo A. Ragano
Ms. Brenda Raine
Ms. Becky Raines
Ms. Lynnette F. Raines
Ms. Martha Raines
Linda & Manuel Ramos
Arthur H. & Robbie R. Ramsey
Mrs. Jean Ramsey
Ms. Donna G. Ramsey
Ms. Kalley E. Ramsey
Ms. Leta R. Ramsey
Mrs. Margaret Ramsey
Mrs. Marjorie Ramsey
Ms. Martha Louise Ramsey
Ms. Peggy H. Ramsey
Mr. Rick Ramsey
Mr. William B. Ramsey III
Ms. Sara M. Rand
Dr. Charles A. Rankin, Jr.
Don & Marge Rankin
Ms. Frances E. Ransmeier
Ms. Angie M. Rardin
Mr. Maloy R. Rash, Jr.
Mrs. Peggy L. Rash
Ms. Catherine Rathbone
Ms. Mary C. Rauchwarg
Mr. & Mrs. Andy T. Ray
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ray
Mr. Daniel P. Ray
James & Judy Ray
Ms. Jeanette S. Ray
Ms. Joyce M. Ray
Ms. Kathleen Ray
Ms. Linda Ray
Robert L. Ray
Ms. Susan T. Ray
Mr. Warren N. Ray
Reaben Oil Company
Ready Class
Mr. Emulous Reagan
George & Annette Reagan
Ms. Christy C. Reason
Mrs. Joyce Reaume
Dr. Donald Reback
Ms. Joyce Rector
Ms. Kathy Rector
Ms. Tricia B. Redden
Redmon Baptist Church
Ms. Janet P. Redmon
Ms. Linda S. Redmon
Ms. Cathy G. Redmond
Judy, Paul and Jenny Sue Redmond
Ms. Crystal S. Reece
Mrs. Helen M. Reece
Mr. Ronald C. Reece
Ms. Marie C. Reed
Ms. Mary Ann Reed
Bill, Patti & Billy Reed
Phoebe & James Reed
Ms. Tonya D. Reems
Bob & Bobbie Jean Reese
Fred & Marty Reese
Ms. Norma Reese
Mrs. Tina B. Reese
Ms. Frances E. Reeves
Ms. Hope Reeves
Ms. Margaret Ann Reeves
Timothy & Tammy Reeves
Register of Deeds Otto W. DeBruhl and Staff
Ms. Heidi Reiber
Ms. Hazel B. Reid
Ms. Marianne Reinert
Jennifer & Bill Reinhart
Remco Supply, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. James H. ReMine
Ms. Jeanne Renfro
Ms. Amy Renigar
Dan & Polly Reno
Dr. Stephen K. Rerych
Ms. Faye R. Revis
Rexam Prescription Products
Lee McDaniel and Alice Reynolds
Howard & Phyllis Reynolds
Ms. Huguette M. Reynolds
Mrs. Loretta W. Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Reynolds
Ms. Mary F. Reynolds
RGH Enterprises
Ms. Ann Rhinehart
Ms. Leslie Rhinehart
Mrs. Matoka W. Rhinehart
Ms. Teresa Rhinehart
Dr. Earl J. Rhoades & Ms. Lauri Hollingsworth
Mr. & Mrs. L. H. Rhoads
Ron & Hazel Rhodes
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rhodes
Ms. Jeanette Rhom
Wilson & Frances Rhoton
Mr. & Mrs. George L. Ribaud
Ms. Claudia Rice
Ms. Debra Rice
Ms. Melanie L. Rice
Mr. Scott E. Rice
Ms. Stephanie Rice
Ms. Carolyn Rich
Mrs. Irene Dillingham Richards
Mrs. Julia M. Richards
Ms. Janice Richardson
Robert & Verena Richter
Mr. & Mrs. Carl H. Ricker, Jr.
Ms. Betty C. Riddle
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Riddle
Ridge Elementary School
Ridgeview Baptist Church
Mrs. Kathy Ridgeway
Mrs. Suzanne F. Riedling
Ms. Jeanette K. Riedy
Mr. John E. Riggins
Ms. Mary Ann Riggs
Lieutenant Colonel & Mrs. Charles A. Riley, Ret.
David & Sue Rinehart
Ms. Sandra Rinehart
Ms. Michelle Rippon
Ms. Geraldine Ritchie
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Ritter
Ms. Tammy L. Ritter
RM Church Insurance Agency
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Roberson
Mr. Wendell A. Roberson
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Robert
Roberts & Stevens, P.A.
Roberts Automatic Transmission Service, Inc.
Ms. Amanda N. Roberts
Ms. Anne Roberts
Carl & Dottie Roberts
Mr. Don Roberts
Mrs. Luanne Roberts
Margaret & Ken Roberts
Ms. Patsy Cole Roberts
Mrs. Phyllis Roberts
Ms. Virginia Kaye Roberts
Mr. William L. Roberts
Clinton Robertson
Jim & Abby Robertson
Mr. Richard A. Robertson
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin L. Robins
Mrs. Ann E Robinson
Ms. Annette L. Robinson
Ms. Barbara E. Robinson
Ms. Betty C. Robinson
Ms. Brenda M. Robinson
Ms. Brenda R. Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Robinson
Ms. Clarise M. Robinson
Mr. David L. Robinson
Ms. Gay T. Robinson
Ms. Gloria L. Robinson
Ms. Kathy K. Robinson
Ms. Louise Y. Robinson
Ms. Lucille A. Robinson
Mrs. Marjorie Robinson
Matt & Debbie Robinson
Ms. Pat Robinson
Ms. Sara H. Robinson
Mr. Stan Robinson
Mr. Tom M. Robinson III
Jim & Barbara Robison
Bill & Joan Rocamora
Ms. Jane E. Roda
Ms. Sabrina H. Roddy
Ms. Amilee C. Rogers
Scott & Jan Rogers
Ms. Claudia Wheeler Rogers
Ms. Dorothy Rogers
Ms. Euralee P. Rogers
Mrs. Geraldine Rogers
Ms. Joan Rogers
Mr. Kevin Rogers
Ms. Linda T. Rogers
Ms. Linda W. Rogers
Ms. Parry Rosen Rogers
Ms. Phyllis Rogers
Mr. Richard Rogers
Mr. Ivan R. Roland
Robert & Leslie Roland
Mr. William Earl Roller & Mrs. Martha G. Roller
Ms. Beatrice Romanowski
Ms. Carol D. Romines
Jim & Carolyn Roney
Mrs. Sara L. Roof
Diane & Wilton Rooks
Dr. Steven & Mrs. Cynthia Roos
Ms. Norma M. Rorer
Ms. Adele M. Rose
Mrs. Cynthia J. Roseborough
Joel B. Rosenberg, M.D.
Ms. Debra Rosenblum
Mr. Charles Rosenstein
Mr. Frederick J. Rosenthal
ROUSH Performance Products
Ms. Patsy S. Royal
Ms. Eleanor C. Roylance
Ms. Pamela R. Rozzell
Mr. Paul Rubinfeld
Ms. Nadine A. Rudeen
Mr. & Mrs. Craig L. Rudisill, Jr.
Gilbert & Esther Ruehl
Mr. Phillip Ruff
Ms. Bobbie K. Rumbough
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Rumley
Evelyn & Louis Runge
Ms. Judith A. Runion
Ms. Deborah Runyeon
Mr. Edward W. Ruppen
George L. Russell
James & Irene Russell
Dr. & Mrs. John H. Russell
Mrs. Patricia N. Russell
Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Rutherford
Ms. Amy Rutledge
Mr. Greg Rutledge
Roxanne & Keith Rutledge
Mr. Patrick J. Ryan
Ms. Doris L. Rzewnicki

Dr. William A. Sabo
Julie and Ellie Sage
Ms. Harriet D. Sager
Saint Mary's Episcopal Parish
Saint-Gobain Abrasives
Roger & Lynn Sales
Ms. Lisabeth Sample
Mr. Johnny D. Sams
Ms. Nina Marie Sams
Ms. Deborah Sandefer
Mr. Marvin Sanders
Ms. Susan Sanders
Mr. Jason D. Sanford
Maggi Saucier and Donna Wahmann
Ms. Joy Saunooke
Ms. Elizabeth Savage
Savannah Economic Development Authority
Victor & Elone Sawicki
Mrs. Barbara A. Sawyer
Ms. Brenda P. Sawyer
Ms. Jennifer Sawyer
Ms. Ora Jane Sawyer
Ms. Deborah N. Sayles
Ms. Karen Scarborough
Ms. Bobbie Schaefle
Ms. Judith W. Schearer
Mr. Charles David Scheil
Ms. Nancy L. Schenkel
Ms. Maggie R. Schiffman
Ms. Sandra Schindler
Mr. & Mrs. Del & Mary Schleuss
Mr. Frederick Schmidt
Mr. David Schmitt
Mr. Robert P. Schmitt
Mrs. Alice D. Schmitz
Schneider Electric/Square D Foundation
Ms. Dorothy Schneider
Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Schoenle
Mrs. Lori Schroeder
Marcia & David Schroeder
Mr. Christopher Schruckmayr
Ms. Frances C. Schultz
Ms. Shirley Schultz
Dr. & Mrs. Harold Schutte
Ms. Beverly W. Schwarzkopf
Ralph & Mary Helen Schwarzkopf
Ms. Cornelia D. Scibetta & Mr. Carl Scibetta
Ms. Barbara Scott
Mrs. Becky Scott
Bill & Judy Scott
Ms. Gloria J. Scott
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Scott
Ms. Kathy B. Scott
Ms. Nancy Scott
Ms. Paula Scott
Charles & Vivian Scott
Mrs. Agnes Scroggs
Mrs. Lois Scroggs
Ms. Linda Seagle
Mr. Patrick Seamon
Mr. & Mrs. George J. Searle
Bill & Renie Seel
Ms. Alana Seeley
Mrs. Frances J. Seiders
Ms. Mary E. Selby
Ms. Rose B. Seleska
Richard & Donna Sensing
Nick & Terri Sergi
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Sessler
Ms. Michelle M. Setzer
Chuck & Ellen Severt
Ms. Nancy Seymour
Wallace & Kay Seymour
Bill & Betty Shackelton
Ms. Nancy Shaffer
Mr. H. Robert Sharbaugh
Ms. Florence C. Sharp
Ms. Linda Sharpe
Ms. Nancy A. Shaver
Mr. & Mrs. Alan H. Shaw
Ms. Rebecca Shealy
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Sheets, Sr.
Ms. Fran Shelton
Gerald & Iva Shelton
Ms. Judy W. Shelton
Reverend Charles Shelton & Mrs. Shirley J. Shelton
Ms. Chrystine Shepard
Ms. Kathryn Shepler
Mr. Barry Sheppard
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Sheppard
Nesrin Sheppard
Dr. Victoria Sheppard-LaBrecque
Mr. Gordon B. Sherard, Jr.
Ms. Dorris Sherman
Ms. Kathleen Sherman
Dwight & Dottie Sherrill
Mr. Dennis Shetley
Mr. Franklin D. Shibler
Ms. Barbara Shifflett
Ms. Jane A. Shigley
Ben & Judy Shillinglaw
Mrs. Polly Shimrak
Matt & Terri Shimshock
Ms. Rhonda M. Shoffeitt
Ms. Deanette Shook
Jack & Marie Shook
Ms. Roberta T. Shook
Ms. Stephanie Shook
Ms. Thelma J. Shook
Ms. Martha N. Shope
Robert & Sally Shope
Ms. Susan Short
Ms. Mary Shriner
Ms. Karen L. Shuford
Ms. Jill Shuler & Mr. Bill Hurni
Mrs. Carol B. Shull
SIC Divers
Mr. Edward Sikorsky
Ms. Nancie Sill
Ms. Betty B. Silver
Mr. Charles J. Silver
Ms. Ellen S. Silver
Ms. Gail F. Silver & Family
Silver-Line Plastics Corporation
Simoniz Retail Division, LLC
Joe & Dean Simpson
Mr. Joe F. Simpson
Ms. Linda B. Simpson
Katherine & Eric Sims
Ms. Mary Page Sims
Mr. & Mrs. Rembert M. Sims, Jr.
Ms. Leslie R. Sipes
Lisa & John Sizemore
Mrs. Pamela K. Sizemore
Mr. Chris P. Skarlatos
Ms. Tracee R. Skibell
Ms. Patti B. Skidmore
Ms. Lila M. Skinner
Ms. Leslie E. Skipper
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Sklar
Mr. Randy Skurnick & Family
Skyland United Methodist Church
Ms. Amelia L. Slaughter
Ms. Jean Slaughter
Dr. & Mrs. James M. Sloan
Ms. Alice W. Sluder
Ms. Brenda F. Sluder
Ms. Shirley B. Sluder
Ms. Suzanne Sluder
Mr. William D. Sluder
Ms. Joy C. Slusser
Ms. Cora G. Small
Ms. Heather Smathers
Ms. Shirley Smathers
Mr. Tommy Smathers
Ralph & Susan Smialowicz
Ms. Ann Boyd Smith
Jonathan & Becky Smith
Bobby & Thanna Smith
Ms. Brenda L. Smith
Ms. Burdine E. Smith
Canie & Lynn Smith
Carol & Warren Smith
Carolyn & Peter Smith
Ms. Corena Silver Smith
Mr. Darren Smith
Ms. Donna D. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. E. Bretney Smith, Jr.
Edward and Janet Smith
Ms. Ginger J. Smith
Mr. Harold Smith
Ms. Hazel D. Smith
Mrs. Holly Smith
Mr. Mike Smith
Mr. James D. Smith
Mr. John D. Smith
Doug & Kelley Smith
Ms. Laura B. Smith
Mrs. Lucy M. Smith
Ms. Marianne S. Smith
Ms. Michelle McCann Smith
Ms. Peggy Smith
Philip & Martha Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Robert David Smith
Robin T. Smith, Ph.D.
Ms. Ruth L. Smith
Ms. Shirley M. Smith
Mr. Terry A. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Smith
Ms. Tonya M. Smith
Ms. Verdie Smith
Ms. Vickie Smith
Bill & Betsy Smith
Smoky Mountain Red Hatters
Mr. John L. Snell & Ms. Valorie Speegle-Snell
Betty & Bruce Snelson
Nina & Bill Snoddy
Mr. James R. Snyder
Ms. Julie A. Sojka
Ms. Dana G. Sorrells
Mrs. Rowena Sorrells
Ms. Stacy Sorrells
Ms. Susan Sorrells
Ms. Warean Sorrells
Dr. Marianne Soufas & Ms. Cem McConnell
Ms. Joyce Sousa
Southeastern Alpaca Association, Inc.
Southern Concrete Materials, Inc.
Southern Rehabilitation Network
Southland Industries
Lee & Sharon Sowell
Mr. George P. Spaanbroek
Mrs. Janice Spain
Ms. Katherine Spain
Spainhour Properties
Spartanburg Radiation Oncology Associates, P.A.
Mr. Herbert Spaugh, Jr.
Ms. Lillie M. Spears
Ms. Sue R. Spears
Special People in Need
Ms. Linda Spencer and Ms. Cynthia Glowacki
Ms. Kris Spillars
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Spivey
Mr. Robert A. Spivey
Linda M. Sprinkle
Ms. Nancy C. Sprinkle
Square D Company Schneider Electric
Charles & Sue St. Clair
St. Eugene Catholic Church
Ms. Barbara St. Hilaire
Ms. Silvia St. John
St. John's Baptist Church
Mr. Ernest St. Louis
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Mr. David Stackhouse
Ms. Sharon Stackhouse
Mr. & Mrs. William Stackhouse
Ms. Jan K. Stafford
Wanda & David Stafford
Nancy & Paul Stager
Joe & Billie Stahmer
John & Effie Stamatiades
Jerry & Judy Stamey
Mr. Polk R. Standefer
Sandy Stanford
Carol & Arnold Stanley
Ms. Karen H. Stanley
Ms. Ann Bordonaro Stapanowich
Webster Staples
Ms. Carol Starnes
Ms. Eleanor O'Donnell Starnes
John & Janice Starnes
Mr. & Mrs. O.E. Starnes
Ms. Marion Douma Start
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Steig
Stuart Stein & Judy Rose
Benjamin & Lucy Stella
Ms. Joan Stephens
Ms. Devon A. Stepp
Ronald & Donna Steppe
Ms. Leona Stern
Mr. Jerry V. Sternberg
Ms. Andrea K. Sterritt
Ms. Elizabeth C. Stevens
Ms. Nancy Stevens
Ms. Phyllis Stevens
Ms. Kristine O. Stewart
Ms. Paige Stewart
Mr. Roy A. Stewart
Alan & Brenda Stiles and Sons
David, Dawn and Aubrey Stiles
Ms. Eulene D. Stiles
Jeffrey D. Stillson, M.D.
Stillwater Designs
Mr. & Mrs. Marion E. Stillwell
Ms. Wanda K. Stines
Callie Stingel
Jon & Charlotte Stinnett
Vivian & Bob Stinson
Mrs. Gayle Stockton
Mr. William B. Stoermer, Jr.
Mrs. Kelly Stokes
Charles & Pat Stoll
Ms. Barbara P. Stoltz
Ms. Betty S. Stoltz
Mr. & Mrs. George Stone, Jr.
Jacque & Elwood Stone and Family
Ms. Sandra M. Stone
Ms. Linda W. Stoner
Douglas & Lyn Stoodley
Thomas & Sandra Stotesbury
Strains of Music
Ms. Sylvia Strange
Mr. Ray Straub
Street-Tiques of Asheville
Ms. Susan B. Strickland
Ms. Denise D. Stroupe-Mueller
Mr. Ned Stuart
Ms. Viola P. Stuart
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Studenc, Jr.
John & Deborah Stump
Ms. Lois Stump
Ms. Cynthia Z. Stutzman
Ms. Audrey Styles
Ms. Toni Sudock
Sue Gowen Samson Designated Fund
Ms. Jane K. Sugawara
Mrs. Claudia S. Sullivan
Ms. Jennifer Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sullivan
Summer Harvesters Seniors at Star Lanes
Larry & Jeani Sumner
Mr. Dell V. Sumpter
Sunnyside Missionary Church
Ms. Bernadette B. Surran
Mr. & Mrs. James Sutherin, Jr.
Ms. Dorothy D. Sutton
Mr. John B. Sutton
Mrs. Louise L. Sutton & Mr. Robert R. Sutton
Ms. Sharon L. Sutton
Ms. Cheryl M. Swann
Swannanoa Fire Department
Swannanoa Valley AMVET Post 333
Swannanoa Valley Medical Center
Ms. Irene Swartz
Ms. Mary C. Swayngim
Seth & Christina Swift
Mr. Harry F. Swilling
Ms. Jan Swinson
Mr. & Mrs. D. C. Syme
Ms. Diane Szabo
Ms. Lisa Szymanski-Richards

Mr. Greg Taffer
Mr. Grant J. Taibi
Van & Candace Talbert
Mrs. Mary Ellen Talley
Ms. Roma Tandy
Ms. Margaret B. Tarlton
Ms. Elizabeth Tate
Mr. & Mrs. Alan F. Taylor
Chris & Jennifer Taylor
Ms. Donna S. Taylor
Eric & Alisa Taylor
Mr. Frank E. Taylor
Ms. Lu Ann Taylor
Mary & Henry Taylor
Ms. Patricia P. Taylor
Ms. Suzanne Taylor
Team Daniel, LLC
Tech Investments
Daniel & Kate Teitelbaum
Dr. Glenn A. Temple
Tennessee High School Faculty Fund
Ms. Shirley H. Tenney
Ms. Carole Terrell
Ms. Delma M. Terrell
Ms. Madge Tesner
The Bayshore Company
The Biltmore Company
The Cancer Institute of New Jersey
The Community Foundation Of Louisville Depository, Inc.
The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Inc.
The Davey Tree Expert Company
The Duke Energy Foundation Matching Gifts Program
The GE Foundation
The Good Samaritan Class
The Griffin Agency
The Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa
The Harvey Hubbell Foundation
The Sternberg Family Fund
The University of North Carolina at Asheville
The Van Winkle Law Firm
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Theall
Doug & Bonnie Theroux
Douglas & Frances Thigpen
Ms. Amanda F. Thomas
Ms. Candy A. Thomas
Mr. Charles D. Thomas, Jr.
Ms. Jackie G. Thomas
Ms. Marsha H. Thomas
Ms. Betty Jean Thompson
Mr. Claude S. Thompson, Jr.
Mr. Earl Thompson
Rev. Dcn. Helen Thompson
Mr. Jack Thompson
Mr. Richard W. Thompson
Robert & Judy Thompson
Ms. Viola C. Thompson
Wilburn & Frances Thornton
Mr. Robert S. Thorpe
Three Brothers Restaurant
Mrs. Betty E. Thum
Ms. Harriet R. Thurston
Mr. Steven Thuss
Ms. Pam Tidwell
Tom & Margo Tilson
Gretel Timan
Ms. Christine Tipton
Ms. Pauline D. Tipton
Ms. Lucile Tobe
Mr. James R. Tobin
David & Linda Todd
Mrs. Linda K. Todd
Danny & Donna Tolar
Ms. Paula Tomberlin
Bessie & John Tomlin
Ms. Helen E. Toms & Mr. Bruce Black
Tops for Shoes, Inc.
Ms. Maria F. Torres
Mr. Gregory Earl Totman
Mrs. Sheila Towe
Mrs. Bobbie A. Towery
Elizabeth H. Towery
Town of Black Mountain ABC-Board
Town of Black Mountain
Mrs. Mildred Townsend
Ms. Michelle L. Tracz
Mr. & Mrs. Dana Ross Trantham
Mr. Gary Trantham
Mrs. Janice W. Trantham
Mrs. Helen A. Trapani
Ms. & Mr. Sherrie S. Traub
Mrs. Shirley A. Traughber
Mr. Lawrence R. Tremblay
Ms. Angele Tremblay-Winkel
Ms. Sue Trevelyan
Frances Trinche
Trinity Episcopal Church
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Mr. & Mrs. Rupert L. Trull
Mrs. Helen B. Truluck
Ms. Norma Faye Tuck
Mr. Samuel J. Tucker, Jr.
Mr. Raymond Tuers
Tuesday Summer Seniors At AMF Star Lanes
Ms. Vicki S. Tufo
Tupelo Honey Cafe
Ms. Betty S. Turbyfill
Bill & Katherine Turbyfill
Ms. Carolyn Turner
Ms. Claudia Turner
Ms. Joanne Turner
Ms. Lenora W. Turner
Mrs. Marguerite Lakenan Turner
Ms. Norma F. Turner
Ms. Sonja M. Turner
Tabatha & John Turner
Turning Point Services, Inc.
Ms. Denise D. Turpin
Ms. Ruth C. Turrentine
Dr. Cindy Tuten & Mr. Stanley Tuten
Mrs. Barbara Tweed

Mr. Christopher Uejio
Mr. David Uejio
UNC Asheville Office of Finance & Campus Operations
UNCA Family Business Forum
UNCA Political Science and Sociology Departments
United States Postal Service Employees
United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County
United Way Of Greater High Point
United Way of the Greater Triangle
University of Colorado at Denver Business School Faculty
UPR Products, Inc.
Ms. Rebecca A. Urban
Rush & Ellen Utley

Mr. David Vaala & Mrs. Arlene E. Vaala
Mr. Richard Vagner
Heather & Dan Valentine
Valley Truck Service, Inc.
Mr. Alvin J. Van Bumble
Winny & Kees Van Dyck
Mrs. Janice D. Van Ess
Ms. Diane Vander Linden
Ms. Virginia S. Vandiver
Mr. Robert G. Vannoy III
Carlos A. Vargas, M.D.
Bob & Barb Vassian
Mr. & Mrs. M. Jerry VeHaun
Ms. Barbara Veilleux
Don & Sylvia Venable
Mr. Michael A. Verano
Ms. Karen S. Vernon & Mr. Drake Thomas
Mr. Joseph Vescovi
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. Post 891
Victory Baptist Church
Sam & Lib Villegas
Ms. Dawn Vincent
Ms. Barbara L. Violett
Ms. Patricia W. Voyles

W. C. Shuey Family Endowment Fund
Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation
Mr. Richard Wachtel
Ms. Gail B. Waddell
Ms. Irene Waddell
Mr. Joshua Wainwright
Ms. N. Carolyn Waites
Peter & Pauline Waldburger
Ms. Susan Waldman
Mr. Glen S. Waldrop
Elmer & Juanita Waldroup
Ms. Betty F. Walker
Ms. Brenda J. Walker
Mr. Dale C. Walker
Mr. David W. Walker
Henrietta R. Walker
Mr. James S. Walker
John & Betty Walker
Mrs. Karen Walker
Ms. Marilyn P. Walker
Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Walker
Ms. Elizabeth Wallace
Emery & Flo Wallin
Ms. Florence E. Wallin
Walnut Free Will Baptist Church
Ms. Darla R. Walsh
Nancy G. Walters
Ms. Rosemary H. Walton
Mrs. Vicki Walton
Ms. Mary Ann Wampler
Ms. Cathy Wanamaker
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Ward
Dr. & Mrs. D. E. Ward, Jr.
Ms. Gloria L. Ward
Ms. Janet C. Ward
Ms. Laura Ward
Mrs. Alice Warlick and Ms. LaVerne Warlick
Chandler & Sally Warner
Mr. Allen D. Warren
Mr. Charles Noah Warren
Ms. Christina T. Warren
Ms. Dee Warren
Ms. Evetta S. Warren
Jan Warren
Ms. Tonya Warren
Mrs. Wanda Warren
Ms. Eleanor Waters
Ms. Millie D. Waters
Ms. Thelmalene Waters
Mr. Glover Watkins
Dr. James Watson
Mr. Calvin E. Watts
Ms. Mary Lane Watts
Ms. Robin A. Watts
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Waugh
Ms. Sharon E. Waugh
Mr. Steve Waugh
Gary & Betty Weatherman
Ms. Alice R. Weaver
Ms. Janice D. Weaver
Ms. Marlene Weaver
Ms. Regina D. Weaver
Weaverville High School Class of 1945
Weaverville Primary School
Weaverville United Methodist Church
Mr. Bobby Webb
Rick & Luanne Webb
Mr. Donald J. Weber
Ms. Lori A. Webster
Mrs. Christina S. Wehmeyer
Jennifer & Donald Weidemann
Jim & Thea Weilbaecher
Mr. Lloyd Weinberg
Harriet & Barney Weinstock
Ms. Melanie Weis
Ms. Kathy Weiss
Debra Cooper & Larry Weiss
Ms. Doris Y. Welch
Mr. Lewis W. Welch
Mr. Wayne R. Welch
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Mr. Otis Wells
Mr. & Mrs. Rex Wells
Robert & Sherry Wells
Ms. Wendy Wells
Ms. Emily Welty
Mrs. Patricia Werhan
Ms. Andrea Wessell
West Marion Baptist Church
Mr. Charles F. West
Mr. Jackson D. West
Ms. Peggy J. West
Mr. Robert Edward West
Ms. Joan D. Westall
Ms. Ellen Westbrook
Ms. Laura Talbert Westbrook
Mr. James C. Wetmore
Ms. Patricia D. Wexler
Ms. Brie Whapham
Ms. Alice Wheat
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Edd Wheeler
Ms. Janne L. Wheeler
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wheeler
Mrs. Ruby B. Wheelon
Ms. Martha Wherrett
Ms. Leona Whichard
Ms. Jeannie Whidden
Ms. Catherine R. Whipple
Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Elaine Whisnant
Ms. Cynthia D. Whitaker
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Whitaker
White Oak Financial Management, Inc.
Ms. Alberta H. White
Ms. Alice J. White
Mrs. Billie Ann White
Ms. Julie A. White
Danny & Sallie White
Wayne & Joyce White
Mrs. Janice F. Whitehead
Mrs. Betty E. Whiteside
Mr. Franklin Whiteside & Ms. Marguerite Turcot
Ms. Cynthia Whitley
Ms. Karen P. Whitley
Mr. T. Edmund Whitmire
Ms. Amy Whittemore
Mack & Esta Whittemore
Mr. Michael Whittemore
Dan & Cookie Whittenberger
Mr. James Whitworth
Ms. Martha B. Wight
Demetria Wil
Mr. Bruce A. Wilbur
Charles & Barbara Wilcox
Mr. Stephen Wilde
Ms. Anne S. Wilkerson
Ms. Juanita M. Wilkerson
Ms. Melissa Wilkerson
Ms. Sharon Wilkerson
Jack & Jan Wilkins
Ms. Julia Wilkinson
Rich & Janet Willey
Ms. Betty H. Williams
Mr. David Williams
George K. Williams
Ms. Glenda F. Williams
Ms. Joyce H. Williams
Mrs. Judy Williams
Kenneth & Carol Williams
Morris Williams, M.D.
Ms. Nickie K. Williams
Ms. Nikki E. Williams
Ms. Peggy I. Williams
Ms. Roberta S. Williams
Mrs. Vergie Lee Williams
Ms. Elizabeth G. Williamson
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Williamson
Mr. & Mrs. Lee T. Williamson
Ms. Myra Allene Williamson
Mr. Roston M. Williamson & Mrs. Patricia R. Williamson
Ms. Sally Williard
Ms. Lisa Willis
Ms. Kathy Willis
Neal & Hazel Willis
Janet & Phil Wills
Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hall And Dorr LLP
Aileen & Richard Wilson
Ms. Anita Wilson
Ms. Betty Wilson
Ms. Betty D. Wilson
Mrs. Brenda D. Wilson
Ms. Brenda S. Wilson
Mr. C. Vaughn Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin C. Wilson
Ms. Catherine M. Wilson
Ms. Doris J. Wilson
Mike & Joan Wilson
Ms. Jennifer Wilson
Ms. Kimberly R. Wilson
Larry & Janie Wilson
Ms. Margaret Wilson
Ms. Patricia Wilson
Mr. Randell Wilson
Ms. Rhonda P. Wilson
John & Sandra Wilson
Ms. Sharon A. Wilson
Ms. Susan M. Wilson
Ms. Mary Jane Winfrey
John & Cindy Winkenwerder
Dorland Winkler
Mr. & Mrs. H. Vernon Winters
Robert & Carolyn Wise
Ms. Sondra Jean Wise
Mr. Gary Wishon
Ms. Carolyn D. Witt
Jack & Bernice Witzel
James & Monica Wixtead
WNC 56ers
WNC Medical Peer Review Foundation Physician's Fund
WNC Walking and Racking Charity Horse Show
Ms. Nancy Wohlgemuth
Ms. Nancy Wojtowicz
Ms. Pamela Wolak
Ms. Mary Ellen Wolcott
Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Elaine Wolf
Mr. Phillip G. Wolfe
Mrs. Ruby Wolfe
Mrs. Sheila A. Wolfe
Ms. Cindy Wolff
Ms. Winifred F. Womack
Burt & Joan Womble
Women of the Moose - Asheville Chapter 179
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Wood
Jeff & Stacey Wood
Mr. Bill Wood
Mr. Alan T. Woodbury
Woodfin Golden Age Club
Ms. Dale W. Woods
Steve & Jean Woolard
Ms. Beverly J. Wooten
Mr. Henry M. Word
Mr. & Mrs. Brian K. Worley
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Worley
Ms. Gretta Worley
Marie B. Worley
Mr. Roderick Worley
Mrs. Sherry R. Worley
Ms. Veronica Worley
Ms. Ellin B. Wortmann
Mr. John L. Wrenn
Ms. Amorita Wright
Ms. Barbara Wright
Ms. Bobbie P. Wright
Carol & Walter Wright
Ms. Diane Wright
Ms. Doris J. Wright
Mr. & Mrs. Dotson Wright
John & Shelby Wright
Mrs. Harry B. Wright & Mr. Harry B. Wright, Jr.
Ms. Maureen Wright
Sarah Collins Wyard
Mrs. Glenda F. Wyatt
Ms. Jennifer Smith Wyatt
Ms. Vickie Wyatt
Ms. Suzanne Wyckoff
Ms. Lisa Wycuff
Ms. Carroll Ann Wykoff

Ms. Laurie Yankowski
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lee Yantes
Mr. Steven Ye
Ms. Kristen Younce
Mr. Bruce T. Young
Ms. Carol H. Young
Mrs. Carolyn T. Young
Mrs. Charlene M. Young
Ms. Jennifer L. Young
Ms. JoAnne Young
Ms. Kayce Young
Ms. Marjorie M. Young
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Young
Ms. Regina Young
Ms. Shirley R. Young
Victor & Darlene Young
Mrs. Dianne S. Yount
Your Floor Stop
Ms. Patricia N. Yurick
Ms. Irene A. Yurish
Joe & Mary Anne Yurko
Ms. Kim Yurkovich

Ms. Joyce Zappulla
Ms. Joyce Zaval
Jerry & Kay Zimka
Mr. Dean C. Zimmerman
Ms. Jill A. Zimmerman
Ms. June V. Zimmerman
Lieutenant Colonel Frank Zipperer
Mr. Anthony Zitney
Mr. Dimitrios G. Zourzoukis
Ms. Mary F. Zourzoukis
Mr. Russell Dean Zumstein
Ms. Ann B. Zyki


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